We understand that training the contact center agents right and helping them evolve in skills and knowledge, is the foundation of delivering superior services and maintaining continuity in your business. We have an excellent record of training and retaining agents who become true experts on your company’s personality and brands

Mirroring your Brand

Define Your Business Objectives

Before we commence hiring and training for your account, we gauge your business requirements and objectives that you wish to accomplish to decide upon the right skill set to screen for and to prepare the training curriculum. Are you looking to just collect leads or close sales on the spot? Is your focus to improve customer service? etc. Having an understanding of these critical questions is the first step of hiring the right people and training them accordingly to deliver the results you expect.


Understand Your Processes and Brand Culture

We immerse ourselves in your business completely to comprehend each and every facet of your brand ourselves before we train our agents to be an extension of your team. How you communicate with your customers, what is unique about your brand, how your customers perceive it and why it appeals to your customers – we do whatever is required. We often send our trainers and operations team to the client’s site so that they can get first hand account of your culture, environment and how your operations are run. This also gives the trainers an opportunity to be directly trained by you and also observe how you train your in-house team, allowing them to effectively mirror your training methods and create a true extension of your team.

Training Curriculum

Depending on the client, our trainers can prepare our own training curriculum and send them to you for your approval. Alternatively, we can directly work with the training material provided by you or it can be a combination of both. We encourage our clients to actively participate in the training. Clients can interact with the agents and the trainers who will work on their account and conduct training over video conferencing, go to meeting and Skype. We ensure that our training curriculum is interactive and engaging and has very little lecture, but is mostly practice.

knowledge base

Centralized Knowledgebase

All the Training materials for our clients, including the product or services manuals for all our clients, updates on procedures and policies, are stored in a centrally located knowledgebase that can be easily accessed via a web portal by our agents in real time anytime they need. The training material is regularly updated on an ongoing basis with the changing requirements of the client’s business and agents’ training needs.

Instructor-led Classroom and Practical Training

Training department, operations team and QA work together yet independently to conduct training that helps us maintain objectivity and integrity. All training is instructor-led so that our agents can always ask a person for help and interact with someone who knows the subject matter.

Unlike much-larger call centers where training is standardized, our approach to training is flexible and tailored for every client. Depending on your needs, we conduct classroom-training programs that last from one day to six weeks, and each program is customized for your products, culture and systems. Our classroom training is filled with exercise, role-plays, and guided participant response materials. Classroom training is followed with ‘on the job’ practice with the help of trainers and senior agents. Each agent must clear a series of rigorous performance-based theoretical as well as practical test chats/calls to graduate to live operations floor.

Soft Skills Training:

Our training program also focuses on equipping agents with soft skills they need to effectively communicate with your customers. They learn about active listening techniques, barriers that prevent effective communication, Voice Characteristics, hold and transfer procedures, dealing with irate customers, ways to draft concise yet effective chat and email responses etc.

Sales Training

A specialized sales training is imparted to sales agents wherein they are taught the essentials of successful cross-selling and upselling. It is aimed to give agents practice in building rapport with the customer, techniques to ask probing questions to better understand their needs and skillfully matching their needs with product benefits, gracefully and patiently handling customer resistance and closing methods.

On the job Training

Trainers are also actively involved in the transition of a trainee from training to live operations for at least 4-6 weeks. This time allows the trainers the time and forum to personalize training to fix training gaps from the generalized training the rep received. We also make sure that our experienced and best-performing agents work alongside the new agents, both to mentor and monitor them which helps improve the new agent’s performance and confidence much faster.

Continual Training

Agents are monitored and coached on a daily, ongoing basis to ensure client goals and KPIs are being met. We conduct regular periodic training that helps reps maintain efficiency and continuously deliver top performance. Also, it enables us to address any needs that arise out of changing process requirement or training needs of the reps.