Mandarin Chinese Call Center Services (Bilingual)

When in China, do as the Chinese do

Native Chinese Speakers

both Cantonese and Mandarin

Bilingual Agents

with a firm grasp on Chinese & English

24/7/365 capability

24/7/365 capability

choose round the clock or limited hours

Omni Channel Chinese support

Omni Channel Chinese support

delivered over Phone, E-mail, Live Chat, Mobile & Social Media

Local Phone Number

in China

Flexible Plans

Flexible Plans

dedicated & shared models to cater to your specific business needs. Scale up & down easily.

Our Chinese Call Center Services have been in greater demand than ever before. Given China’s largest population and huge spending on retail, especially overseas brands and luxury goods, no retailer in the world can afford to ignore Chinese market. However, the biggest hurdle retailers face is the language roadblock. There is still a minority population that is able to converse in English. Some may argue for automated translation tools as the solution. However, we believe that the very basis of customer experience is the need for meaningful communication in the language that your customers are comfortable speaking. Automated translation often fails to achieve that. Poor customer service experience can send an unintentional message to your Chinese customers that they are important enough to sell to but not important enough to support.

At LiveSalesman, a leading Multilingual Call Center with over 20 years of experience, we offer Chinese Call Center and Chinese Customer Support in both Cantonese and Mandarin, delivered by natives with Chinese as their mother tongue. Most of the people in our Chinese Call Center team are in our call center China or hail from China and have worked and lived in China. Since they are native Chinese speaking people, they all are well familiar with the local culture and consumer behaviour. They all have the strong command over written and spoken English so our clients get the benefit of bilingual support in Chinese and English with the same native bilingual Chinese Call Center agents. It also makes it easier for our clients to train communicate with the team that is working for them.

Our Native Bilingual Chinese Call Center Support is available for Customer Support outsourcing, Sales, Social Media Management and Support, Cross-sell and Upsell, Order Management, Tech Support, Retention, Phone Answering, Fraud Prevention, and Chargeback Management.

Use our 24×7 Native Chinese Call Center Services for Customer Support, Sales, Live Chat & more

Native Chinese Support

We deliver 24×7 Native Chinese Call Center support primarily from our Call Center China and occasionally from our operation center in India. There are many native Chinese people who are happy to come to India and work with us for a year or two. If they like, they just stay on for a longer time. These are usually smart, young college graduates or people in the initial stage in their career who like to get international exposure and India is high on their list as a country they wish to experience. All the people in our Chinese call center support team can speak and write English very well along with Cantonese or Mandarin which makes training , operations and coordination a lot easier for our clients.

Help you connect locally with
your Chinese shoppers

To be able to successfully penetrate a foreign market, it is imperative that you connect with your audience like a local and that happens only if you have a native Chinese Call Center agent interacting with them and hence, a call center China is imperative. Training a non-native Chinese call center agent can only go so far and eventually what you are likely to get is passing familiarity with the culture. With us, since all the people in our Chinese call center support team are natives and are based in our call center China, they all have an unparalleled understanding of the culture and they know how to adapt your brand voice to the local landscape. They not only communicate your product, service or message in Chinese but also make it linguistically and culturally appropriate to your target market so that your brand gets frictionless acceptance. Here are some tips shared by our Chinese call center agents on things to keep in mind while dealing with Chinese customer.

Some facts about Chinese consumers
that we have learnt over years:

In China, consumer expectations for better customer service are at an all-time high. They want to conduct their business with providers in a fast and hassle-free fashion. This means there are basic customer service expectations that cannot be compromised: speed of service, ease of obtaining information and service Read More…

, and agents’ knowledge and experience. Trust between buyer & seller is extremely important in China & it needs to be Instant and hence, native Chinese call center services go a long way in accomplishing the goal!. In a market that’s inundated with products of questionable origin (ranging from replicas to smuggled goods, or stuff that either fell off the back of a truck or simple rejects that failed to pass security standards), Chinese customers look for reassurance and proof that they are paying for authentic. This is why they need to able to communicate with the merchant and confirm details- a practice that has become a standard consumer behaviour in China., the Chinese equivalent of allows shoppers to communicate with the merchants instantly by sending instant messages (live chat on the website) and get responses in real time. This instils a sense of confidence in Chinese buyers, which is extremely important. It is hard to maintain loyalty in China. Currently, less than one-third of Chinese customers are satisfied with their providers, which suggests that a huge number are keen to switch if they get better service. Thus, engaging a Chinese Call Center that provides quality customer support is an investment that pays huge dividends.
China’s shoppers tend to be even more opinionated and outspoken than their American and European counterparts. With word of mouth and social media playing such dominant roles in moulding customer preferences in China, one negative customer experience can quickly “go viral” and influence the purchasing decisions of tens of thousands of consumers. You don’t want to risk it. Always choose native Chinese Call Center Support.

The Chinese Consumer is a Global
Game Changer. Here is why:

Chinese customers favour overseas brands in many sectors. 44% of Chinese customers shop on websites from overseas. Spending by Chinese consumers on luxury goods now exceeds that of any other country. Having leapt past Japan’s luxury market, which until recently was the world’s largest, China has become the paramount Read More…

a driver of growth in this sector, accounting for one-quarter of the global total. China’s share of global luxury spending will continue to rise to more than one-third by 2018. China boasts of the largest Internet population in the world with over 731 million users & is projected to grow to 1.14 million by 2022 (approximately double Japan and the U.S. combined According to a new report by Standard & Poor’s (S&P). Even the slight slowdown in China’s economic growth, this world’s No 2 economy is predicted to overtake the US to become the world’s largest consumer market in the next 5 years. It is evident from the fact that in 2016, total retail sales of consumer goods in China grew 9.6% to about $4.84 trillion, compared with $5 trillion in the more mature market of the US. China is the second largest market for an online retail world with $752 billion in sales in 2016 as compared to $393 billion in the U.S. Online spending is expected to increase 15% annually through 2018. It makes sense for businesses across the globe to enter and target Chinese consumers as soon as possible and native bilingual Chinese Call Center support is an indispensable prerequisite in that step. Contact us to know more about our Call Center China.