Technical Support

Turning your customers’ issues into positive experiences

Tier 1, 2 & 3 Tech Support

basic as well as advanced Tech Suppor

Outsourced Tech Support Specialists

with B.Tech or equivalent

Multilingual Tech Support

in over 30 European and Asian Languages

24/7/365 Outsourced Technical Support

24/7/365 Outsourced Technical Support

help your customer in real time

Omni Channel Tech Support

Omni Channel Tech Support

delivered over Phone, E-mail, Live Chat and emerging channels like Social, Mobile and Artificial intelligence

Flexible & Scalable Plans

Flexible & Scalable Plans

dedicated & shared models for Tech Support

When your customers face issues with your products or services, how promptly and proactively you provide the resolution shapes your customers’ perceptions about your brand and determines how long term they will be with you. We understand the critical nature of technical support and hence, our 24×7 outsourced Technical Support Solution is aimed at providing immediate help and fast resolution to your customers. Our outsourced tech support agents patiently listen to the issue and make sure that they fully comprehend the problem before jumping to troubleshooting. They empathize with your agitated customers to calm them down and then work with them to resolve the issue to your customers’ satisfaction. Our Tech smart processes are designed to increase the first-time resolution and reduce customer handling time.

We not only provide Level 1 technical support but are also capable of handling complex tier 2 and tier 3 technical support questions for both consumer and enterprise customers. All our tech support specialists have an educational background in engineering and must have prior experience in Tech support. Our Tech support agents are all adept at handling issues that include Product/Service Activations, Installation and co-ordination, Problem Simulation and Diagnostics etc. for both consumer and enterprise customers.

We work with you to ensure that our outsourced technical support team is thoroughly trained in your products or services and are able to provide seamless and uninterrupted support to your customers. In our outsourced Tech Support Solutions, we provide multiple touchpoints over email, phone and live chat 24x7x365 so that we are easily accessible for your customers when they need urgent help. Through our 24×7 Tech support solutions, we help you reduce support costs through efficient resource utilization.

Our focus is to help you build customer loyalty & develop a competitive edge through swift troubleshooting & problem resolution. Timely and appropriate actions taken by us ensure that your customers don’t escalate their issues on social media and the only word spoken about a brand on public platforms is positive.