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If Europe is your target market, you cannot afford not to provide customer service in German. German is the official language in six sovereign states, which have a combined population of over 100 million people and hence is spoken natively by over 100 million people in Europe or 13.3% of all Europeans making it the most widely spoken native language in the European Union and the second most spoken native language in Europe after Russian and above French and English. It is the third most important foreign language in the English-speaking world, after French and Spanish. Switzerland has four national languages (German, French, Italian, Romansch), of which German is the most spoken with almost 65% of the population claiming it as a first language. It is one of the official languages of the European Union.

We understand that it can be prohibitively expensive for businesses to internally hire German-speaking agents, especially if you need them to work outside business hours. Setting up a full-fledged call center of your own in Europe can be a costly affair. At LiveSalesman, we offer our clients cost-effective German language call center solutions so that they can grow confidently grow in rich and flourishing European markets.

Our German language call center solutions are available for Customer Support, Sales, Social Media Management and Support, Cross-sell and Upsell, Order Management, Tech Support, Retention, Phone Answering, Fraud Prevention, and Chargeback Management.

Use our 24×7 Native German Call Centre Services for Customer Support, Sales, Live Chat & more

Native German Speakers

Our German Call Center solutions are delivered by native German speakers who have an intimate knowledge of the German language spoken in different parts of Europe and understand the intricacies of regional dialects. All our agents are bi-lingual and can speak and write in perfect American English along with German. We offer both options of having your support run out of Europe as well as from our offshore call centers with agents that speak and write fluent German and English. This allows you to take advantage of serious cost savings and get excellent value for money.

German support that is Culturally and
Linguistically adapted

Our native German-speaking agents have a deep cultural understanding of German culture, which aids in understanding things from the customer perspective. They not only communicate your product, service or message in German but also make it linguistically and culturally appropriate to avoid misunderstandings and debates that can be counterproductive to your business interests and damage your company’s reputation. Since our customer service agents speak in native German, it automatically puts your customers in a ‘cultural comfort zone’ and it becomes far easier for our German-speaking agents to build a rapport with them and persuade them about your good will, making sure that your product or service is well accepted by your target audience. Offering your customers support in native German rather than a language they are not proficient in will help you win their trust, a factor which is more very important, especially when it comes to buying over the internet.

Some German cultural traits that we have observed
in our extensive interaction with Germans:

Germans communicate very directly and explicitly without any ‘window dressing’. Therefore, they may appear rude to some; however, this is again their way to avoid any uncertainty. They expect the same from others and hence do not easily recognize and respond to verbal subtleties such as indirect hints or messages ‘between the lines’.Read More…

It is therefore very important to formulate your statements directly, precisely and openly when communicating with a German. Germans are extremely organized in their business and personal life. Masters of careful planning, they know what they will be doing at a specific time on a specific day. As a consequence, they are extremely punctual and expect the same from others. Consistency and reliability are extremely important to German people. To avoid uncertainty, they have developed binding rules and structures in every sphere of life. This strict adherence to prescribed procedures leaves little room for flexibility, individual determination and spontaneity in German attitudes and values. As a consequence, it is important to make sure that you strictly avoid any surprises or sudden changes in your dealings with Germans. When you make a commitment to a German, there is the little scope of not keeping it unless you want to antagonize them forever.
Business is viewed as being very serious, and Germans do not appreciate the humour in a business context. Germans exercise a strict separation between personal and professional lives. Their behaviour and the closeness of the relationship clearly varies deepening on the sphere of their life (private or business) in which they are interacting with an individual. They may seem very remote, cold and overtly unfriendly to people from other culture but for them, such a clear demarcation is the surest way to lead a structured and ordered life. Therefore, they do not welcome being asked personal questions or an effort to develop personal rapport. When it is business, keep it strictly that. Germans are a highly individualistic, self-assured and a perfectionist society that demands the utmost respect at all times, therefore they expect highest of standards at all times. Any unethical behaviour will seriously diminish all future business prospects with them.
Germany is quite monolingual with German as its official language and with over 95% of the population speaking German as their first language. The establishment is very much based on the German language. The educational system is also quite rightly based on the German language. People in Germany don’t use English often and become sooner or later afraid of speaking it. The fact is that the German tense/aspect system is so stunted that it makes it incredibly difficult for any German speaker to ever truly get English. They just can’t, unless they have a very good ear. Numerous studies have revealed that Germans prefer buying from websites that provide content in German and provide customer support in German. Providing customer support in the native tongue of your German-speaking customers can work wonders in demonstrating mutual respect and a willingness to do business with them.

If Europe is your target, Germany should be your priority.
Here is why:

As the biggest market, in terms of population and internet use, with the highest total purchasing power in Europe, Germany offers major opportunities for international online retailers and service providers alike. With 82.67 million inhabitants Germany has the largest population of any EU member state. Read More…

With a gross domestic product of more than € 3.5 trillion, Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the third most robust economy in the world. Germany generates 25% of European e-commerce turnover and is – with forecast growth of 25% in 2018 alone – potentially the fastest-growing e-commerce market in Western Europe. With 60 million people (77%  of the population aged 14 or older) online on a regular basis, Germany boasts of the highest number of internet users and the greatest e-commerce potential in Europe. Almost 100% of 15- to 29-year-olds are online and accordingly, constitute the most active Internet consumer group. Not only that, Germany has a larger digital buyer population than many leading e-Commerce nations. Beyond Europe, only China, the USA, and Japan record higher digital consumer numbers. Online shopping is widespread in Germany – and not just among younger members of the population. Germany trails only the UK in online sales in Europe accounting for approximately 18% of all online sales in and is projected to keep its place as the second most influential country for online sales in Europe in the coming years. With $41 billion in online sales in 2017, it has the fifth most online sales of any country in the world.