Multilingual Disaster Backup Call Center

Coronavirus(COVID-19) has spread like a wildfire affecting people in various continents and killing people far and wide. Be it Asia, Europe, or Americas; the virus has created an atmosphere of fear with multiple governments putting in restrictions and asking businesses to work from home and going into quarantine mode, creating a dire situation of panic and chaos for companies and its employees. This is a busy time for all businesses operating with an all-hands-on-deck approach. Businesses are faced with a sudden surge of customer support enquiries. On top of that, companies are having a hard time administering benefits to employees who have been quarantined due to the spread of Coronavirus.

The looming epidemic has exposed the lack of adequate prepartions for majority of the businesses worldwide. Developing a consistent business continuity plan, putting in place the required procedures to ensure uninterrupted delivery of critical business functions during unforeseen disruptive periods and making sure that employees adhere to them is no cakewalk!

At LiveSalesman, we have taken concrete measures to ensure that we are able to fully support our clients. We are committed to help mitigate any impact on the continuity of businesses, particularly with respect to customer support and contact center operations, due to staff shortage caused due to an abrupt influx of incoming queries or potentially reduced staff availability as they transit to a work-from-home model.

With robust contingency plans and processes already in place, we have developed specialised quick-start business continuity services that allow businesses to outsource their Call Center, Inbound Customer Support and other Back Office Functions to us to combat labor disruptions. Our services such as emergency call center services, overflow call center service, disaster backup call center service, customer service outsourcing and bpo services can be rapidly deployed with minimal effort in less than a week. This effectively brings down the pressure on our clients and enables them to focus their efforts on recovery, resumption and future course of action while we take care of their customer support and other back office tasks in the face of Coronoavirus crisis.

Why LiveSalesman Business Continuity Services

LiveSalesman’s disaster backup call center services and multilingual customer service outsourcing services are designed to facilitate nimble, smooth-running of businesses in times of emergency situations. Delivered as they are on an ‘always in, never out’ basis, we guarantee service cover and business continuity, under all circumstances so our clients are never left in the lurch.

Absenteeism is a huge concern for businesses and owners worldwide but with us, there is always someone to keep the show running along. Adept at providing 24*7 call center outsourcing services, we have have back-ups ready to ensure there are never any gaps. In extreme situations, if need be, we don’t shy away from doing overtimes to make sure even a catastrophe like Coronavirus disaster doesn’t spell doom for your business! This level of continuity can never be taken for granted with in-house workforce, especially if they are less in numbers.

With our employees distributed across multiple locations and periodically well-tested and reherased emergency processes in place, including the ability to work from a remote location, we are always optimally equipped to facilitate compliant, smooth operations even in the event of unexpected disaster like this. This is made possible by our well established infrastruture, investment in laptops and other tools.

Our data security processes comply fully with the global standards. So, while we bring on board much-desired flexibility, we never allow security and confidentiality to be compromised.

24×7 Multilingual Customer Service

These are critical times and how you treat your customers during this difficult time would determine if they continue to patronize you or not once this storm passes. Lack of timely and proper responses to customer inquiries or missing them totally not only negatively affects customer experience but also will lead to lost revenue. Customer support is your sole lifeline right now and is even more significant, given the rise in online customer interactions as customers shift away from in-store to online.

We aim to help businesses preserve revenue and continue offering beautiful customer experiences during this time when they are witnessing multifold increase in incoming customer support queries and struggling to cope with the volume due to work from home and staff shortage. With our native multilingual customer support outsourcing services that cover over 30 different languages that include French, German, Spanish and Chinese, we are well positioned to cover customer support for businesses from countries that are affected the most. With our proprietary express training and onboarding methodologies, we can get you up and running in less than 3 days. Talk to us to learn more.

24×7 Disaster Backup Call Center and Overflow Call Center

We can also step in as a partner who can put more hands-on-the-deck for you to cover your overflow calls or take over completely as your emergency call center for as long as you require.  With our flexible overflow call center outsourcing services and emergency call center services, you can choose the hours and days you need us to cover and can direct the calls to us. Our experienced multilingual call center team, consisting of natives from different countries, understand how to empathetically and professionally answer customer’s queries during these sensitive times when your customers need your support the most, not only for your products and services but also emotionally. We can make sure that you always stay connected to both your employees and customers. We can answer questions from employees about working from home and other concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Administering Contractor and Employee Benefits

Companies around the world have been seeing employees reporting sick due to Coronavirus or suspicion of it. The situation is grave and should be dealt with on a high priority. The support team at LiveSalesman is adept at claims verification and conducting investigations both at primary and secondary level. We can investigate the claims for their authenticity, check their eligibility to receive benefits and compensation, and calculate the whole payout a company must provide the employee.

Offering Advise To Employees and Contractors

Even when governments the world over are taking preventative measures against the spread of Coronavirus; people are unaware of its symptoms, communicability, and measures to take if someone feels unwell. There are a lot of rumors regarding it and that has incensed the situation. Our team at LiveSalesman can quell all these rumors for your employees and clients. We can make calls and message people about the preventative measures they can take, make them aware of how the virus operates, what-to-do and what-not-to-do, and make them feel cared for. We can guide them to health facilities; work with local providers to stock up daily essentials. Situations where local health facilities are over flooded, arrange medical remote medical consultations.

Empathetic Calls To Check On Your People

The team at LiveSalesman is excellent at connecting with people from different countries and speaking their language. This is because the team comprises of various ethnicities, languages, and cultures. They are also empathetic speakers going deep in a conversation to make the customers feel valued. LiveSalesman can take up the task of calling customers, employees, and contractors who are residing in affected areas. We will call them up to make sure they are healthy, pass on updates, and provide any kind of assistance that they may require.