Call Center Solutions for Start-ups & Small Businesses

We don’t just share your workload, we share your vision and passion!

At LiveSalesman, having helped several start-ups grow into renowned global brands, we understand that priorities and needs for start-ups and small business are different. We offer boutique call center solutions, which are designed, and run, keeping the special needs of small businesses and start-ups in mind. Our best in class call center solutions for start-ups and small businesses are much more hands-on, flexible and are focused to help start-ups and small businesses grow using our vast experience and expertise.

The ability to grow and the wealth of knowledge and learning we amass while working with our start-up clients with some of the most disruptive ideas in the world is our biggest motivator.

Good things come in small packages!

We understand chaotic and ever changing start up environment

As a start up, you are unlikely to have defined procedures or departments for various customer service or operational functions. Even if you define the processes, they will need to be modified constantly, sometimes even abruptly, to adapt to changing business needs. We understand all this and are always prepared to surmount all the challenges and handle surprises you throw at us. We hand hold you through your exciting roller coaster ride and work with you to design, define and streamline your processes and implement them so that you can grow unhindered and can focus on what you set out to do.

Our organization fabric is more entrepreneurial just like our startup clients. Multi-tasking is integral to start-ups and we don’t hesitate in taking up projects that require multi-tasking. Our agents are very smart young people. Their learning curve and their ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, if you need them to, far surpasses that of an average call center agent.

We work with you like Partners,
not third party vendors

When we take up a project, we don’t just restrict ourselves to answering and making customer calls for you. We dedicate and invest ourselves 100% to help you nurture your business and realize your vision. We take a consultative approach to analyze your business needs and accordingly design the right systems and processes for your business that will help your business grow in the direct direction without unnecessary hiccups.

For one of our clients, we designed an Interdepartmental Communication Management System to make the flow of information and communication across different departments involved a lot more faster, organized, simple and, precise while automating a lot of tasks that could do without human intervention, thus saving time, energy and resources that were utilized to improve overall customer experience and productivity. This was done absolutely free of charge because we saw a huge potential in that start-up client. And we were right. Today, they are the leaders in their industry and we handle end-to-end customer experience and operations for that client.

With us, you never lose control

We provide the best call center services for start ups & small business in town. So,when you outsource to us, we don’t shut you out and keep you guessing and groping in the dark for what’s going on with your project. In fact, from the very beginning, we make it a point to fully involved in your project. We let you screen the candidates we select before they are put on your project. We equip you with as many customized reports, transcripts, calls or whatever data and analysis you ask for to measure the performance of your project.

loose control
best call center for start up and small business

Flexible pricing that suits both you and us

Our pricing plans are very flexible. We believe in understanding client requirement thoroughly and then work out a pricing model that works mutually instead of imposing one structure on all. With us, you can start as small as you need to and scale up fast when you grow or scale down during low periods. We don’t bind you in irrevocable contractual obligations and impose heavy penalties because we treat you as a long-term partner, and not as a project that we want to maximize our short-term gains from.

You can count us, for anything and everything

We bend over backwards to accommodate your dynamic business needs. We have sacrificed holidays to accommodate last minute training because our client preponed the launch date of their new product, worked extended hours to help our clients with tasks that are not in our contract, made special arrangements for extra resources at hours notice because our client was facing some unexpected volume due to a technical breakdown. With us, you don’t have to worry for one moment if your project is taken care of because it always is. You cannot put a price on that kind of peace of mind and therefore, we provide the best call center services for start ups & small business.