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Omni Channel Portuguese support

Omni Channel Portuguese support

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24/7/365 Capability

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Flexible Plans

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Portuguese is spoken by over 230 million people in the world, while mostly in Brazil and Portugal, 190 million are in Brazil alone and 1.3 million native Portuguese speakers reside in USA. Official language of eight countries including Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guine-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and São Tome and Príncipe, Portuguese is the sixth most widely spoken language across four continents and third most spoken European language. While Portuguese has always been an important language, recently it’s assumed a lot more significance in business and international relations. Brazil is an industrial and economic powerhouse, and enjoys the status of being the 5th largest economy in the world, making it an attractive market for any business targeting international expansion. Any business targeting Brazil, Portugal or any of the countries mentioned above cannot hope to succeed without offering  Portuguese call center support.

Hiring and managing in-house Portuguese call center agents is time-consuming and costly. At LiveSalesman, we offer cost-effective Portuguese Call Center and Portuguese BPO Solutions, delivered by Portuguese natives. Most of our Portuguese Customer Service agents are natives from Brazil and Portugal. All are Brazilian call center agents and Portuguese call center agents are bilingual and are fluent in both Portuguese and English, and hence our clients have the benefit of bilingual support in Portuguese and English with the same set of people. We offer Multichannel Portugese Contact Center Solutions for Portuguese Customer Support, Sales, Social Media Management and Support, Cross-sell and Upsell, Order Management, Tech Support, Retention, Phone Support, Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Management.

Native Portuguese Customer Service Agents from Brazil and Portugal,
fluent in both Portuguese and English

Native Portuguese Speakers who
Understand Different Dialects

Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from Portugal are different from each other, primarily in pronunciation. Portuguese ‘swallow’ their vowels, while the Brazilians ‘stretch’ them. There are some differences in some words, grammar, positions of pronouns and use of the vós pronoun in Portugal, which is non-existent in Brazil. Unless your Portuguese Customer service agents are familiar with these linguistic nuances, it can cause confusion or even a complete breakdown in communication, leading to a lot of frustration for your Portuguese customers. At LiveSalesman, our Portuguese Contact Center Solutions are delivered by native Portuguese customer service agents who understand these linguistic distinctions very well and can communicate effectively with Portuguese customers from different parts of the world. If your business specifically requires Brazilian call center agents, we do offer that. All our Brazilian call center agents are bi-lingual and can speak and write in perfect Portuguese and English.

portuguese call center services

With us, connect with your Portuguese
customers like locals do

Portuguese people don’t mince words. They tend to be direct in their communication style and usually tell the truth, however, in a polite manner. Portuguese people are much more formal in their communication when in public but much less so in the private sphere. Portuguese are known to speak fast and loudly but it should not be misconstrued for anger or displeasure. Explicit display of emotion is common amongst Portuguese people and is rather an integral part of their character.

Price, Convenience and promotions are some of the most decisive factors that influence the purchase decision of Portuguese customers. Social status and brand names impact their purchases for outward-facing commodities such as fashion goods, clothing or cars. For goods that are to be constantly used over time, the quality and after sales service play a major role in purchasing decision. Portuguese consumers, more or less, are conservative and loyal to brands, especially clothing brands.

To be able to serve and sell to Portuguese customers, it is essential that your Portuguese call center agents, people who will communicate with them the most and represent your brand to them understand the peculiarities of their culture, mindset and preferences and can talk to them like a local would. That is possible only when your Portuguese customer support agents are also native Portuguese. At LiveSalesman, everyone in our Portuguese Call Center Support Team is a native Portuguese who have a deep understanding of what Portuguese customers are looking for. They not only support your customers in the Portuguese language but also help you adapt your brand to suit local predilections.

Social Customer Service in Portuguese

Portuguese Customers are among the world’s most engaged community and spend considerable time on social media. The number of Portuguese customers on social media exceeds over 100 million and are using some type of social media on daily basis. While Facebook and WhatsApp top the list of social networks, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter are not far behind. Considering the popularity of Social Media amongst Portuguese customers, while on one hand, it opens up unprecedented opportunities in terms of marketing for brands targeting Portuguese customers, it also makes social media an indispensable channel for Portuguese customer service as customers freely voice their concerns or praises on social media platforms for the world to see.

At LiveSalesman, as a part of our Portuguese Call Center Services, we also have dedicated Portuguese Social Media Customer Service Team that understands the intricacies of Social Customer Service and make sure that they get social with your Portuguese customers in the language they are comfortable in. Our Portuguese Social Media Customer Service team responds to your customers’ comments, complaints and questions professionally, showing your portuguese customers that you are the brand to do business with.