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The importance of the Spanish language cannot be denied. Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world, following English and Mandarin. Besides Spain, 20 other countries have Spanish as their official language, with about 400 million speakers whose mother tongue is Spanish. Spanish speaking population is the fastest growing community and is predicted to touch 530 million Spanish speakers by 2050, out of which 100 million will be in the United States alone, demonstrating the. Spanish is becoming increasingly globalised and is the second most used language in business. It is no wonder that the demand for having documents and communications in Spanish is growing at an exponential rate. It is especially true for the US where Hispanics are the largest minority group, commanding significant influence in terms of buying power.

Hence, it is critical for any business in the world to have the capability to reach this large segment of Spanish speaking consumers if they want to capitalize on the huge growth business opportunity these Spanish speaking consumers present. This is why businesses worldwide are trying to engage Spanish speaking staff and Spanish Call Centre when promoting their products.

We understand that it may not always be possible or financially viable to hire Spanish speaking staff and establish Spanish Call Centre in-house. At LiveSalesman, we offer cost-effective outsourced Native Spanish Call Center Solutions, enabling the business to tap successfully into the huge business potential that Spanish Community offers. We have dedicated 24×7 Spanish Call Centre team with an in-depth understanding of Spanish consumer behaviour that can consult you on the best strategy to connect with your Spanish consumers.

Our 24×7 outsourced Spanish Call Center solutions are available for Spanish Customer Support, Spanish Sales Support, Spanish Social Media Management and Support, Cross-sell and Upsell, Order Management, Spanish Tech Support, Retention, Spanish Phone Answering, Fraud Prevention, and Chargeback Management.

Use our 24×7 Native Spanish Call Center Services for Customer Support, Sales, Live Chat & more

Native Spanish Speakers

Contrary to common perception, there is no single spoken “ Spanish”. The dialects vary from country and region to another. However, the difference is not prominent enough to make the language unintelligible to speakers from different areas. Our 24×7 Spanish Call Center solutions are delivered by native Spanish speakers who have an intimate knowledge of the Spanish language spoken in different parts of the world and understand the intricacies of different dialects. All our Spanish Call Centre agents are bi-lingual and can speak and write in perfect Spanish and English.

Help You Connect Locally with your Spanish Customers

Price, confidence, after sales service and free delivery, are some of the most important factors in purchasing decisions of Spanish customers. They are not necessarily loyal to a brand and don’t attach much importance to guarantee of a known brand. They do incline towards Spanish products or those which look like them. Hence, it is imperative that you connect with them like a local and that is feasible only when your customer service staff, people who will interact with them the most, is native Spanish. Training a non-native will at most achieve a nominal familiarity with the culture. At LiveSalesman, everyone in our Spanish Call Centre Customer Support Team is native Spanish who understand Spanish audience and culture like no other and can help you adapt your brand to the local landscape. Our Spanish Call Centre agents not only communicate your brand or message in Spanish language but also make it linguistically and culturally appropriate to Spanish market for a smooth acceptance.

E-commerce in Spain is very promising but not there yet

Online buying does not have the same foothold in Spain as it has in other countries. In 2015, it accounted for only 4% of retail trade but that’s exactly why it is a good news for companies hoping to enter Spanish Market. Read More…

However, it’s use and growth cannot be undermined and is demonstrated by the fact that in 2016, 60% of the population was shopping online, making it the largest E-commerce market in Southern Europe, leaving Italy and Turkey behind. Spain has a lot of online sales potential waiting to be tapped, specially cross-border trade potential because in case of Spain more products are purchased abroad than sold, evident by the fact that 56.5% of e-commerce transactions in Spain were made on foreign sites. Affected by the financial crisis and high unemployment rates, Spanish customers are always on the lookout for cheaper prices which can be found online. Despite Spaniards’ fondness for shopping online, abandonment rate is high in online purchase. The primary reason behind that is trust and confidence issues. While some don’t feel comfortable buying what they have not touched and felt physically, for others, they don’t feel safe entering their personal and payment details. There is a high numbers of failed attempts reported while making a payment. This could be due to rigid antifraud filters, restrictions on credit card purchases or due to lack of enough choices in payment methods. Lack of sufficient product information or return/exchange policies further dents Spanish customers’ trust in online buying. Any business trying to sell to Spanish customers needs to be prepared to overcome these trust issues. Giving your Spanish customers easy access to your customers service can help you a great deal in this task. For instance, consider deploying a 24×7 Spanish speaking Live Chat customer service rep on your website who can assist your online shoppers with any questions they have to allay their apprehensions about security or policies. Your Spanish live chat agent can proactively reach out to buyers and help the buyers who are facing check-out errors and can help them complete their purchase. One reason why Spanish people prefer physical stores over online is the possibility to talk to experts in stores who they can seek advise from. However, with Spanish Live Chat rep on your website, you can replicate the same experience for them. A knowledgeable Spanish live chat agent can provide your shoppers with detailed information about your products and can help them make the right choice based on their requirements. Apart from this, to reduce buyer friction, you should offer secure payment tools and provide enough photos, customer reviews and information to induce confidence in your offering. Spanish customers value simple returns, and love being offered freebies. Free and fast delivery is key. eCommerce has empowered Spanish customers with more purchasing power and any online retailers who waits to capitalise on this trend would have waited too long!

If You want to sell in Spain, speaking in Spanish is a necessity

When it comes to international eCommerce, language is the key driver in most cases. This is true about Spain as well where 72% of the population speaks Spanish. Stereotypically Spanish people feelRead More…

embarrassed while communicating in English as the way they speak English leaves a lot to be desired. This was further corroborated by a study conducted by the OCU that revealed that 9 out of 10 Spaniards admitted this. So, if you wish to sell to Spanish customers, communicating in Spanish is not a choice but a pre-requisite and hence Spanish Call Centre is imperative to your business success. Given that there are about 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide, there is a good chance that if your brand communicates in their native language, you may be able to attract millions of other Spanish native speakers outside of Europe as well. What more? 8% of all internet users are Spanish! Still, think, your business can do without Spanish Call Centre support?

Some things about Spanish Buyers you must know

Loud, love to eat and drink, affectionate with new people are some of the characteristics that define Spanish people. Typical Online Shopper in Spain is about 25-49 yeard old, usually, work full time, Read More…

are University educated and can be classified as belonging to medium to the high segment of the society. What is worth noting is that the Spanish people tend to turn to friends and family for recommendations before making a purchase decision and they recommend the products they buy. In fact, Spain tops the list of European countries where most recommendations are shared through social networks for products bought online. In fact, Spanish consumers buy based on their perception rather than information in their buying decision process. They tightly restrict their search for information and depend more on the opinions and reviews of friends and family. Not only this, they actively use Social Media to find out about brands. Facebook followed by Twitter and Instagram are some of the most popular platforms. It is easy to conclude that to allure Spanish buyers, it is imperative that you as a retailer maintain good reputation and ratings and hence Spanish Social Media Customer service is crucial for all businesses targeting Spanish markets. Contrary to the global trend, Spanish online buyers still prefer to use a good old desktop to research and buy on the internet. Mobile phones are reserved for tracking shipments etc. This is despite the fact that Spain has one of the highest penetration for smartphones. This is due to the restricted experience that most mobile version of online stores offers. The use of tablets is growing. Spanish people prefer to utilise their weekend for leisure and perhaps that’s why Monday is when the most online shopping happens. 6pm-12am at night is when the peak in online orders is noticed but there is an increasing number that buys between 2am-5am and those spend more money! An average Spanish consumer spends EUR513 annually. Travel, Apparel, Footwear and Electronics are most popular categories.