Native Multilingual Support

All our services our provided in over 30 Europe & Asian languages and are delivered by Native speakers. Languages we support include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean, French, Dutch and Portuguese to name a few.

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Customer Support

We are committed to crafting beautiful customer experiences that reinforce a positive, lasting image of your brand with each customer contact. Customer service that will be your distinguishing & sustainable competitive advantage.

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24x7 Live Chat Support

Our Live Chat Specialists are trained to address concerns, save the sale, and drive loyalty all while maintaining your brand voice. Increase your AOV, reduce Cost per Contact, and increase overall CSAT with our awesome chat solution.

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Online Personal Shopper

We believe fashion can only be sold by those who understand it! Specially designed for Online Fashion & Beauty retailers, we empower you with our team of live fashionistas to provide live shopping assistance to your website shoppers over live chat.

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We are the frontline champions
who have got your back

At LiveSalesman, we are proud and humbled to have been working with some of the most innovative companies that transform the world forever with their disruptive ideas. On their groundbreaking journey from a basement start-up to an industry leader, we lead them with equally dynamic and unconventional frontline support that helps their customer base adopt and adapt to the change with ease. We work hard to empower our clients with tailor made Customer Service and Sales solutions that are customised to their constantly fluctuating and demanding needs so that they can grow, compete and conquer unhindered. When they are ready to spread their global footprint, we bolster them with Native Multilingual Sales and Customer support, enabling them to sell with confidence where they have never sold before.

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Multicultural Melting Pot

Diversity is the force behind our creativity. People from all over the globe come to work with us. Each brings with them a unique perspective that is shaped by their individual experience, cultural and linguistic inheritance which augments our own at LiveSalesman. Their enriching influence resonates through our work and organisational fabric.


Benefit from our Knowledge, Experience & Fresh Ideas.

Outsourced Call Center Services & BPO Solutions

scaling start ups