Outsourced Email support

Prompt. Precise. Personal.

Despite the advent of instant communication channels such as Live Chat and Phone Support, the good old emails are still the preferred mode of communication for some. It is a vital part of your customer support that is here to stay. At LiveSalesman, we treat email support as another opportunity to distinguish your brand. We believe the email responses don’t have to be dull and impersonal. At LiveSalesman, we encourage our team to be truly creative with the emails and send responses that reflect and reinforce your brand personality, all within the guidelines set by you. One of our travel clients wanted to come across as a young, fun company. By using a bit of humour, play of words and small tips that were relevant to their customers in our email responses, we transformed their image from a boring to a happening brand, earning them popularity amongst their target audience. We lay tremendous emphasis on the significance of responding to customers in time and keeping them informed if it is taking us longer than expected to find a resolution. It assures your customers that things are under control and as a brand you care.

Reinforcing your brand with each email

Interchannel Support and skill based routing for Faster Resolution

When we are responsible for your end to end customer support, we don’t look at different customer service channels in isolation. Our aim is to provide a faster and most satisfactory resolution to your customers. Hence, depending on the nature of the query or gravity of the issue, we respond by the channel that will result in the most positive outcome.  So, if we get an email and from our experience, we reckon that a personalised call would be the best way to respond, that’s what we will do. Similarly, if we get a call and we feel that an email with detailed important and specific information is necessary, we will respond via email. We also route emails to the queue of the customer care specialist best qualified to answer it to avoid unnecessary to and fro.

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Flexible and Scalable

As with our other services, our Email Support Service is also flexible and scalable to accommodate your specific needs. We are able to swiftly scale up and down at a short notice to meet your seasonal peaks and troughs or unanticipated email volume due to technical failures. We provide you with regular reports and statistics you ask for.  All our email specialists are given comprehensive training on soft skills and email etiquettes. They are trained on the majority of the modern email platforms. We are partners with Zendesk and LivePerson and hence most of our agents have got certified training on these platforms. That said, we can work on any system or email platform that works best for your organization.