Live Chat Support

Replicating the in-store experience for your customers on your website

live chat support
Capture 65-90% New Revenue

Capture 65-90% New Revenue

from the same traffic

Proactive Live Chat

to enhance sales

Increase Conversion 6-10x

over self help

Multilingual Live Chat Support

in over 30 European and Asian Languages

24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 Support

Help your customer in real time

Reduce Wait Time & Cost of Support

with multiple simultaneous chats

Remember, when users arrive on your website they are looking for ‘instant’ answers. The faster you serve those answers, the better you’ll convert. Hence, 24×7 Live chat Customer Support has become an essential CX channel, allowing your customers to interact with you at their convenience. However, providing timely, responsive, and round the clock, assistance is the key is if you want to reap the true benefits of live chat. If left offline or not done right, live chat can be counterproductive and adversely affect your brand image. It may not always be possible to allocate dedicated resources to man live chat in-house, especially when they can be better utilized for your core business functions, hence you should outsource live chat support to an experienced 24×7 Call Center that specialises in outsourced live chat customer support.

With our dedicated outsourced 24×7 live chat agents manning your chat, you can rest assured that your customers will always get friendly, professional and personalised on-demand assistance in real time over Live Chat. Your customers will appreciate that. Our live chat operators show them that you care and are willing to extend help proactively. With our fully managed outsourced Live Chat service, we offer you an opportunity for human connection that cultivates trust and boosts relationship with your customers, something that a website can’t achieve.

Another fringe benefit, our outsourced live chat agents can interact with more than one customer at a time, reducing wait time for your customers and costs for you without compromising the quality of the customer experience.

“If you contact potential customers within one minute of their presence on your website, your conversion can go up by as many as four times (+391%)!”- A study by Velocify.

Proactive Approach to Maximise Sales

Using Live Chat to enhance sales on your website is a skill, something that our outsourced live chat agents are well trained at. We take the proactive approach to reach out to ‘fence sitters’ on your website, visitors who are more likely to convert if you interact with them. Our live chat agents engage them in a personalised live chat conversation to offer product recommendations, respond to their queries, and understand what they are looking for and what is preventing them from making the purchase. We accordingly help them complete the purchase, reducing shopping cart abandonment. Similarly, our live chat agents can rescue your customers from situations such as check-out or zero search results. With our 24×7 live chat outsourcing service, our focus is not to make a one-time transaction, we aim to deliver amazing buying experiences that drive repeat business.

We help even before
they have to ask for it

We know when and who
to make the move with

Target analytics

If you are sending the live chat invitation to all the visitors on your site, you are probably just wasting your time, energy and resources. At LiveSalesman live chat outsourcing service, we use advanced technology to track and analyse key data like customer behaviour, history and search to identify and segment shoppers based on their intent to buy. The rules-engine then targets those with a higher intention to buy at the right time in their purchase process, resulting in 5-12% revenue growth.

Buyer Feedback

Customers are all usually ever ready to sing your praises or point out your areas of improvement. All you need to do is hold meaningful dialogue with them and ask- an art that our live chat agents are adept at. Our outsourced live chat agents put in serious effort to build rapport with your customers and gather significant customer information, insight and feedback that you can leverage to significantly improve your product, service or image.

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