24X7 Multilingual Live Chat for Hospitality Industry

Capture 65-90% New Revenue

Capture 65-90% New Revenue

from the same traffic

Increase Conversion 6-10x

over self help

24/7/365 Capability

24/7/365 Capability

choose round the clock or limited hours

400% Increase

in direct bookings

Native Speakers

in over 30 European and Asian Languages

Flexible & Scalable Plans

Flexible & Scalable Plans

dedicated & shared models

A group of guests enters your hotel only to be welcomed by an empty front office & main hall: a hotel fully deserted from employees. This is perhaps a nightmare for you as a hotel. Then why is it that your website offers exactly this experience for your website visitors- your potential guests?? In the age of the internet, your guests’ first experience with you is at your website where they decide whether or not to stay with you so why not have someone there to greet, assist and motivate them to book with you.

Manned by our team of highly knowledgeable, experienced Reservation Experts, our Live Chat Support for Hotels, Resorts & other Vacation Accommodation websites is aimed at converting every enquiry into a reservation! Our goal is to help you generate more Direct Bookings (by as much as 400% increase) and drive higher Conversion (6-10x over self service) to capture 65-90% New Revenue from your existing website by offering real-time interactive and consultative assistance over live chat to those website visitors who would not have booked with you otherwise but may if they get help or information they need in order to make their purchase decision.

“52% of travellers visit your hotel’s website after finding you on an OTA”- Study by Google.

Help You Increase Direct Bookings

Most of the hotels have come to rely entirely or heavily on OTA bookings, allowing hefty commissions to eat into their profits. Due to this over-dependence on OTAs, hoteliers have neglected the most cost-effective marketing and direct sales tool at their disposal- their hotel website, where travellers often ‘window-shop’ to learn more about the accommodation before they head back to OTAs to make their actual purchase.

We utilize this window of opportunity to proactively engage your website visitors in a personalized chat conversation to discover their needs and find out what other hotels, rates or offers on OTA they are comparing you with. We accordingly customize your existing promotions, upgrades or value-added perks to come up with enticing offers that suit your potential guests’ needs and make your website seem like a more worthwhile option to make a booking than what is available to them on OTA. All without violating the rate parity agreement. Just advertising premade packages on the website does not achieve similar results because each guest on your website has individual needs and the advertised benefits may have little or no value for him. A static website cannot interact and tweak the offers the way a human can.

27*7 multilingual live chat for hospitality

Prevent Abandons & Increase Bookings

The chances of bringing back a visitor once he has abandoned your website diminish with every passing minute despite humongous marketing dollars spent on retargeting e-mailers, banners or follow up calls. Why not proactively reach out to visitors and try to convert them while they are still browsing on your website?

We utilize proactive chat capabilities to reach out to ‘fence sitters’, website visitors who are more likely to book if you interact with them.  Engaging them in a live conversation helps us understand what is stopping them from making the booking and accordingly we help them close the booking.

Deliver 24×7 Real-Time Help & Reservation

Remember when users arrive on your site they are looking for ‘instant’ answers. The faster you serve those answers, the better you’ll convert. Not everyone is willing to dial a number or wait for a reply to email.

Our 24×7 live chat reservation experts offer on-demand assistance to your website visitors to resolve their concerns and drive them to what they are looking for. They are also trained to complete the full booking process on behalf of the customer, allowing the customer to feel pampered and making the whole process hassle-free.Your prospective guests will appreciate having immediate access to human response, right on your website, without having to leave your website.


Offer Concierge Service on Chat

Our live chat specialists are trained to act as the concierge as well. They can advise your guests on an array of local features such as shopping, dining, nightlife and recreational destinations. They can make dining and other reservations and obtain tickets for events. They can also make arrangements for travel and other tours.

Offer Tailored Recommendations
to Drive Conversion

Our live chat reservation specialists are trained to go an extra mile in identifying the individual needs, expectations and interests of your potential customers so that they can position and sell your offerings accordingly. So, instead of ratting out the whole laundry list of features, they focus on what actually matters to your customers and therefore, make sense to them.


Set You Apart From The Competition

According to a study, travellers often shortlist 4-5 hotels in a similar price range when searching on an OTA, and visit their websites to learn more about the property. At that point, unless you are able to distinguish yourself from your competitors, they will most likely make their decision based on review ratings and price.

During the live chat dialogue, we draw their attention to what is unique about your property which could be your location or amenities your hotel offers. We portray a verbal image of the experience that your property has to offer, stimulating your customers’ interest in booking with you. The website content describing the unique attributes of your hotel does not have the same impact and may even get missed, especially when the visitor is quickly comparing multiple options.

Induce Buyer Confidence

Buyers’ friction to purchase dissolves when they are conversing with someone who provides the help they seek and understands their needs. Also, it is reassuring for them to know that there is a live person they can come back to and chat with right on the website in case of a problem.