We don’t recruit, we acquire talent

The success of any project in a call center is premised upon the people who work on it. Therefore, when we take up a project, our priority is to hire the right candidates with the right set of interpersonal skills, personality, technical knowledge and affinity for your brand. The process we use to recruit has been developed, tested and refined over 18 years of our business to ensure the people we hire for your account successfully deliver the results we promise you.

Matching the right people with the right job within our contact center is the key to our high performance and reduced turnover. When people love what they do, their passion and enthusiasm to perform their level best shows in every interaction and they are much more stable in their jobs.

Matching the right people with the right job is key to our high performance and reduced turnover

Understand What We are Hiring For

Before we commence hiring for your account, we gauge your business requirements and objectives that you wish to accomplish to decide upon the right skill set. Are you looking to reduce the cost of operations or trying to increase revenue or both, and what’s more important to you? Is your focus to improve customer service? Are we recruiting to meet the demands of seasonal peaks or year-round? Having an understanding of these critical questions is the first step of hiring the right people who can deliver the results you expect.

We immerse ourselves in your brand completely to understand your brand identity, culture, values and the environment. How you communicate with your customers, what is unique about your brand, how your customers perceive it and why it appeals to your customers- we do whatever is required to comprehend each and every facet of your brand ourselves before we recruit and train our specialists to be an extension of your team.

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Define Skill Set Required to Perform the Job

Different agents excel at the different type of jobs. While some have the right blend of skills and aptitude for customer service, others may have the flair for sales. Problem solving ability, patience, attention to detail, a knack for building a rapport, level of articulation, interpersonal skills are some of the personal attributes we evaluate apart from diction, voice quality, technical expertise and command over the language. We analyze each job to define the skill set required and then scout for candidates that best fit the job profile.

Evaluate Candidates

Once the candidates have been identified, the first level of screening happens through an interview over the phone where they are judged based on their communication skills, phone presence. The ones that successfully meet the basic criteria of the job profile, they are invited to come for the in-person interview and written test. During the second level of our rigorous selection process, we test them for vocal and written command over the language, their ability to express themselves creatively and articulately, decision making ability, internet proficiency, basic computer skills, typing and spelling, interpersonal skills, sales and customer service skills and personality traits such as teamwork, professionalism, stress tolerance, and ability to take initiative.


Select the Right Candidate for You

During the last and final round, we make the candidates go through customized testing to ensure that the candidate meets the client’s specific job requirements.

We also actively solicit the feedback of our operations team and trainers in hiring to ensure that the incumbents are fully qualified and can drive your account goals. We also perform background and reference checks for each shortlisted agent before a position is offered. Our selection process is very rigorous- out of thousands of application we receive; only 10% of the candidates get recruited finally.