Call Center Outsourcing

Strategic Call Center Partner for Global Game Changers

At LiveSalesman, we don’t look at call center outsourcing as a cost saving measure alone. We don’t work like a third party service provider in a silo with limited interaction our clients. We come on board as a committed end-to-end strategic partner who is as vested in your customer experience goals as you are. We consult our clients on how to improve upon the existing processes and offering to their customers.

With over 18 years of experience in offering affordable, high- touch multilingual call center outsourcing and customer support outsourcing and tech support services, our strength lies in our creative and innovative solutions. Using artificial intelligence driven technologies, we help our clients automate things which don’t necessarily need human intervention so that the customer service outsourcing team can channelise their time and efforts in doing what they are hired to do- deliver extraordinary customer experience and generate incremental revenue for you. Our objective is to bring about changes that not only enhance their customer experience but also makes the task much more cost and time efficient. As a leading call center outsourcing company, we make sure that your customers get the same high-quality omni-channel experience that they associate with your brand and we earn customer loyalty with each interaction.

How we achieve it?

We adopt a collaborative approach right from the first step of initial project consideration to planning the road map for launch and implementation and beyond. We handhold our clients for a successful and on-time execution of the project. We follow a uniform strategy but the call center outsourcing solutions, systems and workflow are all customized as per your business requirements.

Transforming the way businesses approach customer experience

Evaluate if we are a right fit for each other

Let’s see if we share the same vision

We believe for a successful and enduring partnership, it is imperative that the business and the call center outsourcing company share similar mindset and outlook towards goals to be achieved. Our objective is to deliver beautiful customer experiences and we like to work with companies who attach as much significance to making sure that their customers are delighted and are willing to work with us to materialize this common goal.

Assess how we will get along

Cultural affinity, mutual trust and transparency are some of the most important factors that we weigh and wok on with our potential clients before we come on board as a call center outsourcing company. We work hard to imbibe your culture and share your vision to ensure that your core values are reflected in every aspect of our service delivery and you get the maximum benefits through our efforts.

We figure out how to add value to your business

Customer experience excellence is ingrained in our DNA and our first and foremost aim is to figure out how we can add value to your business instead of becoming just a cost center as a call center outsourcing company. We identify gaps and opportunities to substantially improve your customer experience and advise you on the best practices and strategies to enhance the existing processes and procedures. The idea is to derive maximum insight and value from each customer interaction.

Strategy and Project execution is planned to a T

We invest time in defining the scope and roadmap

Our project management specialists work with you to understand your business goals, requirements, pain points and expectations. Based on mutually agreed KPIs, they devise a plan and fine-tune strategies to achieve the target.

Higher accountability, accessibility and transparency

Though you will be allocated an account manager who is hand selected to liase with you and to ovsersee sucessful operations for your brand, our executive leadership engaged with your brand on a regular basis and are forever just a phone call away. We are fully committed to make sure that we always 100% fulfill the tasks assigned to us and your business fucntions never suffer because of any issue at our end. We will invariably keep you in loop on anything and everything that happens in the team or operations to maintain trust, transparency and efficiency.

Team-members cherry picked to suit your specific requirements

Matching the right people with the right job within our call center outsourcing company is the key to our high performance and reduced turnover. When we hire for you, we not only look for the right skill set and expertise in a candidate but also focus on cultural alignment with your brand. Learn more about how we recruit.

Set up the right tecnhology

As an end- to- end call center outsourcing company, we take responsibility to recommend you on the best technological tools that fit your dynamic needs, usage and budget. We are partners with the most innovative industry leaders such as LivePerson, LiveChat Inc, Zendesk and Freshdesk and use platforms such as Twilio. We are fully flexible and our solutions are completely customizable to integrate with your existing technology if you prefer. We have onsite IT personnel and engineers to help you with smooth integration and uninterrupted operations.

Launch strong and prepared

Develop new recruits into true brand specialists

To make sure that they can work as a real extension of your team, new recruits in our call center outsourcing company are mentored and upskilled to make sure they can reach their full potential and can achieve your stated business objectives. We encourage our people to think out of the box. We motivate them to become confident ‘take charge’ decision makers and problem solvers who are not afraid of going beyond the prescribed script and can have personalized human communication with the customers.

Client Specific Training

Every client’s requirements are unique and hence, we emphasize on providing tailor made training programs as per the client’s needs. The training manager works with you to become conversant with every aspect your business and creates customized training materials for onboarding the team. We encourage our call center outsourcing agents to immerse themselves in your brand’s culture and core values so that they can convey your distinct brand identity in customer interactions. Our trainers work with the team consistently to make sure that they are always learning and evolving. Learn more about how our training processes.

Quality that consistently meets your standards

We have built an organisation culture where we have an unwavering resolution to never compromise on the quality and hence, we channelise considerable resources to achieve that. Our dedicated quality team works very closely with operations team to perform daily real time monitoring, post contact evaluations, calibration, regular feedback sessions coaching sessions with our call center outsourcing agents to ensure objectivity and highest level of quality. Learn more about how our quality assurance processes.

Brining in continous improvements

Your breeding and testing ground for new ideas

We act as the virtual laboratory for the projects and services of our business clients to evaluate the efficacy of different processes. We keep on trying new ideas and implementing innovations that help you and us evolve continuously.

Sharing our learnings and feedbacks with you

We have a firm belief in the culture of improvement, and we practice it to the core by making sure that what we learn while performing our job, we also share it with our clients. We identify the key pain points affecting your business, look for opportunities to improve and accordingly tweak the existing processes or come up with new customized solutions to optimize the operations. It’s an ongoing exercise in our call center outsourcing company to help our clients enhance their products and services through customer insights post launch.