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Having worked with many fashion e-businesses, we can say with confidence that Fashion cannot be sold simply by answering customer queries using scripted dialogue from a knowledge base, as done in a usual call center environment.

Shoppers, especially women, tend to seek advice or may need opinion when they shop for apparel, lingerie or other fashion items. While your current call center staff may have done well with typical post-sales questions like “What is my order status?’ “Should I buy this, or that” questions may leave them looking for answers. This interaction often requires true product experts who love to talk fashion!

To convert and to serve your website fashion shoppers, you require people who have:

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For women, “lack of help when needed” is the top problem (29%) why stores lose the business of women shoppers- A study by Wharton.
If you think, it is any different because your store is online, think again!

Sell more than just clothes, sell
online fashion shopping experience!

Product lines may be similar, price advantages are difficult to maintain over time but with the power of unparalleled customer service delivered by our fashionistas- our Personal Shoppers, you can craft a fun, interactive, personalized shopping experience for your customers that will make them choose you over your competitors.


Offer real time shopping advise
at the click of a mouse

I can’t find the right top to go with my cropped pants. I have a punch, what dress style would help me hide that? Is this the right size for me? Need a few quick tips just to shake things up. And so on…

Your online shoppers are bound to have such queries while shopping on your website.  Our Personal Shoppers will be there the whole time to instantly respond to every such query that comes their way and offers real-time expert advice on what to shop or what size to buy, making sure that your customers do buy.

Help your shoppers pick the products
they are more likely to buy

Sheer choice of products available on your website can be really baffling for any customer and oftentimes shoppers abandon your website just because they are unable to decide or find the right product!

Our online Personal Shoppers help you save those numerous sales by helping your online shoppers search for the right product out the whole plethora available on your website, based on their specific needs- style, preferences, body type, goals and budget etc. Be a big event or casual day out, your customers can count on our Personal Shoppers to help them pick up that perfect outfit or craft lovely looks.


Be the stamp of approval for your
customer for Fashion discovery

Our Personal Shoppers know fashion inside and out. They share far-reaching insights into latest fashion trends with your customers and consult them for the season ‘must haves’. This value-added service will make your website stand out in the world of web as the fashion authority that customers keep coming back to know how to stay ahead of the curve. Needless to say, this not only drives repeat business from existing customers but also draws new ones!

Create new sales opportunities
to increase your ROI

Our Personal Shoppers not only convert the visitors who come on your website but also work with you to create new sales opportunities to increase your ROI. They understand an individual’s shopping profile and accordingly send them recommendations when the new collections arrive. They can use existing customer order history and wish lists to identify proactive sales opportunities such as birthdays, anniversaries. They can also conduct seasonal invitation-only online styling appointments with high-value customer segments and convert recommendations into sales. They follow up with all new customer leads acquired through events and promotions to build relationships and ultimately generate sales.


We don’t just sell; we cultivate relationships that drive repeat business

Our Personal Shoppers are not focused on making the one-time transaction but they aim to deliver buying experience that makes your customers’ loyal frequent shoppers and advocates of your brand. They develop long-lasting relationships with all your customers especially the high spending ones, so much so, that when your valued customers come to your website again, they don’t need to explain their style anymore. Based on their past conversations and purchase history, our Personal Shoppers are able to show them the new styles that suit them.

“For shoppers, especially women shoppers, store loyalty is related to sales associates’ familiarity with the products in the store and an ability to determine what products best suit them. They value sales associates who make them feel important.” –a study by Wharton.

Stimulate feedback to further improve
product selection and service

Our Personal Shoppers take the initiative to follow up with customers for their suggestions, or for feedback on items purchased through you. By interacting with your customers, they also get important data for you on how customers search for your product, the questions they ask, their purchasing behaviour or their perception about your brand. You can utilize this crucial feedback to improve your merchandise, marketing or website metrics.


Special assistance for brides to be
and men shopping on the website

Buying clothing, especially lingerie online can be a very emotional decision for Brides to be. Similarly, it is equally a very personal and emotional decision for men buying a gift for their beloved. Our stylists understand this very well and provide special assistance to men and brides to be shopping on your website.

Reduce the likelihood of
Exchange and Return

By making sure that your shoppers purchase the right product and by answering all their questions before the final purchase our Personal Shoppers help you minimize the number of exchanges and returns. Wherever required, they also highlight details like size, material and quality to set the expectations right.

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