Salesman on Your Website

Convert Your Browsers into Buyers with our Live Chat Sales Experts

Capture 65-90% New Revenue

Increase Conversion by 6-10x

over self help

Greater ROI

Increase AOV by 30%

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Improve Customer Satisfaction

While a great website can help you capture the attention of a user, it can’t generate sales by itself. To sell, you need good old salespeople and proactive approach that has worked for centuries in offline stores. Our Live Chat based sales solution for E-commerce businesses allows you to target and convert shoppers while they are still shopping on your website. Using key data like the behavioural pattern on the website, referral path, location, history or keywords searched, we identify and prioritize the most promising shoppers for immediate attention and proactively engage them to understand their needs. Accordingly, we present them with the options in a helpful and educating manner on live chat, just the way a salesperson shows you products in a brick and mortar store. Personalised one on one interaction with our live chat sales specialists instils confidence in your indecisive first-time customers and bolsters the trust of your old customers by showing that quality help is just a click away, resulting in higher conversion and incremental revenue through upselling and cross-selling.

Similarly, we look for signs that indicate that a shopper may abandon the checkout process or may need help and reach out to them proactively. For instance, if the product search returns zero results or if a visitor has been on the product page for 30-40 seconds or if someone is on the checkout page for a long time, chances are they need help or answers in real time else they may quit and leave. The proactive chat window automatically disappears if there is no response from the shopper within 30 seconds, allowing your shoppers to know that the prompt help is available right on your website, without being intrusive.

We don’t sell, we make relationships to drive repeat business for you

The Art of Selling

Our focus is way beyond making that one-time transaction. We aim to deliver a buying experience that brings back your customers and drives repeat business.

A lot of call centers make the mistake of training their sales reps to pressurise customers into adding more to their order or deceptively convincing them to purchase more expensive items for short-term gain which can be counterproductive and can drive your customers away forever.

When dealing with a sales representative, first and foremost, customers wish to talk to people who are knowledgeable and friendly and expect to get informed assistance rather than being pushed into making decisions which they may regret later. Our Sales specialists understand this very well and possess the necessary skills and temperament to assist your customers to buy what is in their best interest, while still upselling/or cross-selling by offering options that make sense to them. Our customer-centric ‘Pull Selling’ rather than ‘Push Selling’ approach meets and exceed your revenue goals, ensuring long customer lifecycle.

True Extension of Your Sales Team

Sales People are the face of your brand and therefore our ultimate mission is to adapt your sales strategy and become an extension of your sales team. We invest in finding and hiring talent that fits the culture and brand personality of your business.

We carefully study and train our sales team in every facet of your business model, your operations and your product matrix so that they think of themselves as working for you. When possible, we send our people to your office so that they get the first-hand account of how your business is run. Wherever applicable, we also encourage them to use your product or services so that they can speak from experience while talking to your customers which makes their recommendations much more credible. Our immersive approach to training enables them to use unscripted dialogue and make the interaction much more personalized and convincing. While interacting with your customers, they communicate your brand so confidently that your customers never question where your services end and ours begin.

Sales Culture of Performance

We create high energy sales focused environment where all sales team members are constantly monitored, mentored when required and applauded when they perform well to ensure their level of enthusiasm to outperform their own performance remains high at all times. All team members work towards a common goal of achieving highest possible sales performance, handling every cross-sell and upsell opportunity in a way that works in favour of your brand. Incentives and motivators are designed to deliver results in an ethical and professional manner, aligned with your brand. We identify top performers and use their skills to mentor average performing agents. Top performing sales agents are rewarded with lucrative incentives and perks that not only improve their sales results but also motivates the other sales agents to compete for the top ranks, improving the overall performance of the team.