Customer Service Automation


We specialize in developing bespoke automated chatbot solutions, designed to precisely match the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Our team of seasoned developers collaborates closely with you to grasp your objectives, target demographic, and desired functionalities. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and our expertise in artificial intelligence, we can create custom ChatBots that will seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, ensuring an exceptional user journey. Whether it’s for customer service, lead generation, or any other purpose, we’re dedicated to realizing your vision. 

At LiveSalesman, we adhere to a structured approach in AI Chatbot development services that are tailored to address the specific needs and requirements of our clients. This method typically encompasses several pivotal stages. 

Discovery Phase

Establish the ChatBot’s Role and objectives

We commence with an exhaustive discovery phase, wherein we delve into gathering your requirements, comprehending your business objectives, and identifying the intended audience for your custom AI ChatBot.  

 At this juncture, the primary aim is to ascertain the role of the AI ChatBot and delineate the tasks, functions, or responsibilities it will perform or support.  

This may include tasks such as offering customer support, assisting in sales inquiries, automating repetitive tasks, and delivering information or services to users. Additionally, we set measurable metrics or benchmarks that the custom AI ChatBot is intended to accomplish, which may involve enhancing customer satisfaction, decreasing response times, boosting sales conversions, or enhancing operational efficiency. This systematic approach aids in defining expectations, directing development endeavors, and evaluating the effectiveness and success of implementing the customer service automation 

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Assess and select a platform

In conjunction with you, we evaluate different communication channels where the automated customer service ChatBot will be deployed to interact with users. This evaluation involves analyzing factors like the demographics of the target audience, user preferences, and the nature of interactions the chatbot will manage. After careful assessment, the most appropriate channel or channels are chosen based on how well they align with the AI ChatBot’s capabilities and potential to access and engage the target audience. This ensures the efficient deployment and engagement with users through the selected communication channels. 

Design Phase

This phase entails developing a comprehensive design document that outlines the automated customer service chatbot’s functionality, conversational flow, user interface components, and integration points with external systems or platforms.  

Develop the conversational framework

Here, we design the structure and flow of dialogues between the customer support chatbot and users. This stage encompasses outlining potential user inputs, creating the chatbot’s responses, and charting multiple conversation routes based on diverse user queries or interactions. The conversation architecture acts as a guide for the chatbot’s user interactions, guaranteeing a seamless and coherent user experience.  

Gather data

With your help, we collect information from user interactions, conversations, and additional sources to enhance the automated customer service chatbot’s performance, functionality, and overall user experience. 

Plan and implement integrations

We strategize and execute connections between the AI chatbot and diverse external systems, databases, or APIs. This process is imperative for ChatBot development and enriching it’s functionalities and capabilities. For example, to be able to fulfill user requests or provide pertinent information, automated customer service ChatBot needs to be able to retrieve data from your backend systems. We manage every aspect of this process, from defining data flows between external systems and the AI chatbot to implementing APIs, ensuring secure access to integrated systems, handling errors that may arise along the way, and conducting thorough testing to guarantee proper functionality, data accuracy, and reliability across various scenarios. 

Design Dialogue flows and storyboards

We systematically map out and illustrate user interactions, based on various user inputs and intents. Here we outline the conversation paths including branching logic, conditional responses and error management. For instance, we define how the AI customer service chatbot will respond to user queries and manage transitions between topics or tasks. We also create storyboards to depict the layout and visual elements of the AI chatbot interface, so all stakeholders can understand the intended look and feel of the chatbot, facilitating and streamlining development efforts in the early stages of the process. 

Development Phase

Subsequently, our chatbot development services team constructs the chatbot utilizing cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. Our emphasis is on establishing a robust backend architecture while implementing natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to ensure smooth conversation flows. 

Pick a platform and a development approach

The subsequent step involves the selection of the technology stack and framework for AI chatbot development. We offer the option to create a custom AI ChatBot from scratch, to address your precise needs. Alternatively, we can adopt a hybrid approach, tailored to your specific requirements and constraints, blending custom AI chatbot development and leveraging third-party platforms equipped with built-in components, APIs, and natural language understanding capabilities.

In consultation with you, we also determine the platforms and channels where the automated customer support chatbot will be deployed, such as website chat widgets, messaging apps (e.g., Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp), voice assistants (e.g., Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant), or custom mobile applications.

Implement the intents and engineer large language models

Through Natural Language Understanding (NLU) techniques, we identify and classify user objectives, and create corresponding suitable responses or actions for the AI chatbot to execute. Following the implementation of intents, the customer service chatbot becomes capable of delivering appropriate responses or performing relevant actions to fulfill the user’s requirements.

By engineering extensive language models, we enhance AI chatbots’ ability to comprehend and generate contextually appropriate responses to user inputs, resulting in more authentic and engaging interactions.

Testing and Iteration

Once the customer service automation through chatbot is implemented, we conduct rigorous testing through diverse test scenarios to evaluate the chatbot’s proficiency to accurately recognize and categorize user intents, and thus identify and rectify any glitches or malfunctions. We perform iterative testing and revisions to augment the AI chatbot’s ability, ensuring effective and satisfying user engagements. We also perform user acceptance testing (UAT) to gather feedback from stakeholders, incorporating necessary adjustments to enhance the chatbot’s performance.

Deploy, Monitor and Optimize

Following development, we roll out the AI chatbot for customer support across selected channels and platforms and make it available and accessible to users. We configure the settings, preferences and functionalities such as language preferences, enabling or disabling certain features, and setting up authentication and security measures.

Post-deployment, we continuously monitor the chatbot’s performance, analyzing usage metrics, user feedback, and conversation logs. Utilizing this data, we refine the automated customer service chatbot’s responses, improve user engagement, and enhance it’s overall effectiveness.

Maintenance and Support

We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to make sure that AI ChatBot remains up-to-date, secure, and operationally capable. This includes implementing software updates, resolving any issues that arise, and integrating new features or enhancements as required.

Through adherence to this protocol, we ascertain that the customer service automation we execute aligns with your specifications, adds value to your enterprise, and provides a smooth user experience for your customers.

Selecting the right AI ChatBot that fit your requirements


Knowledge-driven AI bots have natural language understanding capabilities, and hence they can effectively handle customers’ routine inquiries by providing answers to common FAQs, thereby easing the burden on contact centers. 


Integrated with a brand’s enterprise infrastructure, personalized AI chatbots for customer support have access to detailed customer information, previous transactions and interaction history to facilitate current interactions as smoothly as possible. These AI chatbots for customer support are fully capable of conversing, recommending or engaging. Whether resolving issues like connectivity problems or presenting customized shopping deals, personalized bots significantly enhance First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates.  


Fetching information directly from backend systems, transactional customer service chatbots are able to perform precise tasks on behalf of customers, for instance, modifying payment information or subscription plans, leading to improved operational efficiency. With their robust security measures, conversational AI solutions are also capable of facilitating and executing complete complex transactions such as buying life insurance, processing a healthcare claim, or troubleshooting tech issues. 

What differentiates LiveSalesman

Help you build smarter AI ChatBots

An AI ChatBot is as high quality as the data you feed it. For effective ChatBot development you must feed it with a massive amount of training data. Unlike typical Chatbot development services providers that solely offer a technology platform, we conduct a thorough examination of your customer service protocols and previous interactions. This comprehensive analysis enables us to create the training datasets for your models to learn effectively, empowering your customer service chatbot to better manage Q&A, customer support, dialogue and multilingual data.  

Combine the best of Human Expertise and AI driven solutions

Given our 25 years of experience in delivering world class multilingual customer care and call center solutions, with us, you benefit by blending the best of human expertise and machine intelligence that elevates the quality of your customer care services. With our one stop solution, we can ensure that a unified approach and cohesive strategy is followed in customer service delivery for a consistent customer experience across different channels.  

With separate providers, there’s always a risk of miscommunication or lack of synchronization between the contact center and chatbot development services providers. This can result in disparities in customer service strategies and impede seamless collaboration between the two solutions. 

Enhance Customer Experience

Our AI chatbots for customer support are designed to elevate customer experience and satisfaction (CX) by delivering prompt assistance, efficiently resolving inquiries, and facilitating personalized interactions. 

Omnichannel support

Our AI chatbots for customer support are versatile and can be implemented across various support functions and channels, such as web, mobile, social media, messaging apps, voice, and text platforms. 

Boost efficiency

We assist you in improving the quality of self-service options and enable agents to concentrate on higher-value transactions, and complex issues, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.  

Customer insights

Acquire invaluable Voice of the Customer (VOC) insights through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics data capture and analysis.