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24/7/365 capability

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Omni Channel Italian support

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Flexible Plans

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The demand for Italian Call Center Services has seen an unprecedented rise in recent years. There are several factors that explain this trend. Apart from being the most studied language in the world for culture, and pleasure, Italian is also the fourth most studied language in US high schools and colleges. The enrolment for Italian classes in US is growing at a 20% faster rate than any other language. Italian language spoken by 70 million first language speakers is key to doing business in Italy, the expatriate communities of US, UK, Argentina, Australia and minority communities in Libya, Somalia, Malta, Slovenia and Croatia. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say Italian is truly the cradle of western civilization.

Italians love their language and feel more comfortable with someone who speaks their language. They are by nature very warm and friendly people but find difficult to interact when asked to communicate in a language other than their own. Therefore, if a company has a plan to do either serious business or to expand the existing one in Italian-speaking countries, it is essential to provide the services of an Italian call centre to its customers.
Having said that, it’s not so easy to have an in-house Italian call centre since it involves a lot of effort and money. Therefore, outsourcing the Italian customer care service to an Italian call centre could prove to be a blessing in disguise.

We at LiveSalesman, take pride in offering high quality 24×7 outsourced Italian Call Centre and Italian Customer Support Services, made possible by our agents with Italian as their first language.

We offer Italian call centre services for Customer Support in Italian, the Italian Sales Support, Italian Social Media Management, and also in Support, Upsell and Cross-sell, Order Management, Technical Support, Retention, Answering Phone Calls in Italian, Fraud Prevention, and Chargeback Management.

Italian Call Center Services

Advantage of Our Native Italian Call Center

There are various dialects of Italian spoken in the country, and they are so different from each other that for most people, the type of Italian spoken in Sicily is even considered an altogether separate language. All our Italian call center agents are native Italian speakers who are at home with the different accents of Italian spoken in the Tuscany, Naples, and Sicilian regions. Our Italian Call Centre agents are bi-lingual experts who can speak and write both in English and Italian with finesse. This way our clients get bilingual support in Italian as well as English with the same agents. This is an excellent cost saving and value for money option.

Understanding of Italian Culture

Italians are known to be stickler for seamless service and a good customer service is often more important to them than the price itself. Remember, the three tenets to succeed in Italian- speaking market are security; trust and loyalty as the majority of people take these elements into consideration when buying online or offline.
Since our Italian Customer support is run by native Italian call center agents, we understand the Italian consumer behaviour, mindset, cultural upbringings, very well. We have in-depth knowledge of European market in general and Italian market in particular. We make sure that we help you in understanding Italian consumer behaviour and their preferences, so that, you could devise appropriate strategies and schemes to succeed in the Italian-speaking market. Our agents in Italian- speaking Customer service go much beyond talking to you in your native Italian language. They also tell you how to align yourself with Italian values and how best to customize your product and to win over your Italian customers. Investing time to understand Italian consumer behaviour pays you rich dividends.

Unique behaviours and Habits of Italian Consumers

Italy has an ageing population, and its median age is expected to increase from 44 in 2010 to 51 by 2030. This also means that they will have a stronger spending power. Brands with products and services targeted towards older customers in all probability will have a better chance to succeed. There are other unique features of Italian society. Read More…

For instance, 31% of its population lives alone and in places such as Milan, the figure goes as high as 52%.Italians are also going for late marriages and are having fewer children. This is creating a situation where young professionals are left with a higher level of disposable income that they are keen to spend on high quality products. Any company planning to get a foothold in this market needs to focus its marketing efforts on the quality of its product and service.
Italians are known for their high and diversified level of mass consumption and on an average they consume a large amount of goods and services than they actually need. Italian consumers have learned a lot from their previous financial crisis and the majority of them have readjusted their shopping habits to overcome economic constraints. For Italian consumers, the quality of products and customer service are sacrosanct where no compromises are allowed. Italians tend to go for ‘made in Italy’ products, but of late foreign brands of footwear and street wear have been widely accepted. Italians love novelty and innovations, especially in the high fashion segment. Consumers in big cities usually prefer mass retailers and large companies. Since Italy has an ageing population, it has created demand for specialist products and services.
Online sales and e-commerce are increasingly becoming popular among Italians. They are using it for ordering food products through home delivery services in major cities. In 2018, around 36 million Online shopping is fast catching up with Italians, and there are 56% of e-shoppers who make at least one online purchase every month customers used e-commerce services which are 5 million more from the previous year.
Although, Italians are traditionally considered loyal to their brands, however, this trend is also changing of late, with consumers becoming more enterprising trying new products and brands. In one of the surveys conducted by Nielsen, 45% customers showed their willingness in trying new brands provided they are getting good deals.
Italian consumers also take reviews, and comments of other consumers and follow the social media to get a feedback. Facebook and Instagram are quite popular among consumers in 15-24 age groups who often purchase after getting recommendations from social media influencers.

Italy, one of major European markets

Italy ranks fourth largest economy in Europe and also the ninth largest in the world. The per capita income in 2017 was approximately USD 39,426. Despite previous recession, currently spending is more popular than saving. But customers don’t come on their own; you have to earn their trust. Read More…

Though Italians are gradually moving towards e-commerce, yet the traditional commerce remains the preferable mode of purchase. Italians have traditionally preferred premium products and quality of a product has always been the deciding factor for them. According to Consumer Barometer from Google, 83% consumers don’t make either online or offline research before purchases and prefer impulse buying.
If we see their purchasing pattern, 93% of online transactions take place on computers in comparison to smartphones and tablets. Vacations and ticket travels are two important categories for e-commerce. Most Italians have also apprehension about becoming victims of online fraud and that makes them very selective about brands. Italian consumers are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of goods, and customer service and are not easily swayed by sales promotions.