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In an organization, data is the most vital asset of the business. Managing data is incredibly important for the survival of a business in the modern economy. Accurate and relevant data is the most valuable source of information based on which sound business decisions can be made to optimise operations, expose variability, create competitive advantage, devise effective marketing strategies and increase revenue. However, unless the enormous amount of data that a business accumulates every day, is efficiently organised, managed, made easily accessible and presented in a usable form to users, it is of little significance.

Even though businesses understand the criticality of data management and effective back office solutions, this task is often relegated to the backseat amongst other mission-critical functions. This could be because they don’t have the sufficient funds, resources, time or expertise to dedicate to this exercise. Outsourcing your data management, data analysis and other back-office tasks to an experienced and trustworthy Back Office BPO Services provider is a cost-effective and more practical alternative to spending your precious time and resources on it in-house.

At, LiveSalesman, we have over 18 years of proven experience in providing high quality, cost-effective and ultra-secure outsourced Back Office and BPO services to businesses world over, helping them optimise their operations, improving business efficiency and boosting the bottom line. We offer tailor-made Back office BPO services that are customised to accommodate your specific business requirements.

Cost Effective, Ultra Secure Back Office BPO Solutions

Data Entry Services

To be able to manage data, the first step is to ensure that it is accurate and timely keyed in from where it can be easily retrieved. However, Data Entry can be time-consuming and tedious. At LiveSalesman, we offer cost-effective, best in class Data Entry services with swift turnaround time. Irrespective of the volume of data you need us to digitize or manually enter, we have the capability to deliver on time and on demand error-free data entry services.

We have an excellent understanding of Data Entry requirements for different industries with varied levels of complexities. Whether your Data Entry task requires inputting financial data, customers’ account and personal information, medical records or purchase orders into a company’s computer system, we can do it all with ease.We take all required security measures to maintain confidentiality and security of your data. All the files are protected and only authorised personnel are allowed access to your files. Files are transferred over secure FTP or VPN connection to avert data leak. We maintain a back up of all files to prevent data or information loss. All our Data Entry projects go through a stringent quality check process before they are finally delivered to ensure 99% accuracy and high-quality standards that we promise to our clients.

Our pricing is transparent. Along with full-time rates, we also offer per hour or per project pricing plans to suit varied business needs. Our Offshore Data Entry services can help you achieve significant cost savings, as much as 50% or even more in some cases.

business process outsourcing bpo services
business process outsourcing bpo services

Data Mining Services

Data is just a heap of raw information businesses sit on unless it is analysed, scrutinised, scrubbed, modified and reorganised into usable knowledge. The goal is to extract patterns that businesses can use to recognize prevailing market trends, forecast future opportunities, generate higher revenue and reduce costs. This process of examining data collated from varied resources to locate frequent trends and patterns for using quantitative and qualitative business intelligence is called Data Mining.

Data Mining is an essential function but most businesses don’t always have enough resources or time to allocate to this task. At LiveSalesman, we have the capability and extensive data mining experience. We can collect and analyse large batches of unsorted data for our clients so that they can get valuable insights and can develop more effective business strategies.

Data Conversion Services

A large amount of unstructured and unorganised data poses one of the biggest roadblocks for organizations to maintain and fully leverage their data for business progress. Common issues that usually plague most businesses are- data present is in multiple formats leading to data redundancy, a discrepancy in data type, text and format hindering easy flow and retrieval of information.

At LiveSalesman, with over 18 years of experience in back-office solutions, we offer comprehensive Data Conversion Sevices where we help you centralize & regulate data information in the most suitable and accessible format within a stipulated time limit. We at LiveSalesman possess the requisite resources, technology and experience to handle complicated and time-intensive data conversion projects efficiently.
We can convert your data into a compressed and portable format in a short time. We discard any redundant information so that you can manage and update your documents with convenience. Our Data Conversion services include Electronic Document Management, HTML Conversion, Document Digitizing, XML Conversion to name a few.

business process outsourcing bpo services
business process outsourcing bpo services

Catalog Management Services

Catalogues play a pivotal role in quickly broadcasting product and price changes, introducing new items and making salient product features available to your target audience. Given how intense competition is across different industries, businesses need to expedite the pace at which they launch new catalogues and showcase them in the market.

However, managing your catalogue is no mean feat. When you are dealing with thousands of SKUs that you need to be published across various sales channels, it’s not uncommon for product data and listings to become inconsistent, incomplete untidy and confusing.

Updating product SKUs regularly, ensuring that product listings are tailored according to the channels they are being sold on, making sure that the data provided to you by the supplier is fixed (several product attributes may be missing, format may not be correct, product information may not be standardised etc.) before it is published are all time consuming and tedious tasks. It can be overwhelming to expand your product catalog especially when the product catalog in a mess, retarding your business growth. If you are relying on your in-house staff to fine tune your listings and data, that is considerable time taken away from other mission-critical functions which itself is a real hassle.

At LiveSalesman, we specialise in Catalog Management Services. We are adept at making sure that your catalog data is rigorously updated and managed regularly. We keep your catalog data quality consistent across channels to make sure that there is no misspelling, no missing information, no wrong product description or attribuites.

We are experts at catalog merchandising. We write high quality detailed product descriptions, enhance your products with multiple attributes, reprice etc. to make sure it is ready for your consumers.

We understand the nuances of catalog management. With robust capability in multilingual catalog management, we can empower your business to handle large volumes of catalogs without slowing down.

Data Processing and Data Management Services

Data processing and Data Management entails gathering data and manipulating the content of the data to produce meaningful information while transforming and presenting it in a format which can be accessed with ease. The colossal amount of daily data that a business aggregates in paper and electronic form need proper management. If appropriate measures are not taken to manage data, it will result in erroneous data, lost and misplaced data, data floating around in discrepant formats that will, in turn, lead to glaring flaws in crucial business decisions.

Data processing and data management are imperative for businesses in order to protect the data from loss or damage and also so that businesses can efficiently access accurate information when the need arises.

However, time and financial constraints can render in-house data processing and data management unviable for many companies. Like other back office services, Data Processing and Data Management are crucial yet non-core tasks that are best outsourced to a company that specializes in it. At LiveSalesman, we have vast experience is providing Data Processing and Data Management services for organizations from different domains. We take all steps to safeguard your data to prevent any security and confidentiality breach. Our in depth expertise in Back Office and BPO Solutions, honed over 18 years gives us an edge over others in executing highly complex and time sensitive Data Processing and Data Management projects within specific deadlines.

business process outsourcing bpo services