High Touch Customer Care

Your Customers’ word means the World to us!

Higher Customer Satisfaction

90% or more CSAT

Multilingual Customer Support

in over 30 European and Asian Languages

Bilingual Customer Service Agents

with frim grasp on English & local language

24/7/365 Outsourced Customer Support

24/7/365 Outsourced Customer Support

help your customer in real time

Flexible & Scalable Plans

Flexible & Scalable Plans

dedicated & shared models

Omni Channel Customer Support

Omni Channel Customer Support

delivered over Phone, E-mail, Live Chat and emerging channels like Social, Mobile and Artificial intelligence

For us, customer service outsourcing is much more than just responding to queries. We focus on cultivating long-term relationships with your customers which automatically translates into an increased share of wallet and repeat business for your brand. Our outsourced customer service agents are trained to be problem solvers and not just answering agents- a key differentiator between us and other customer service outsourcing companies. We specialise in high-level outsourced customer service solutions that require our customer service specialists to strategize, take initiative, work in a team and think creatively to come up with the first-time resolution. Instead of rattling off scripted responses, our customer service outsourcing agents are encouraged to converse like real humans to connect with your customers, understand their problem, and take ownership of the issue until it is fully addressed, at least within their capability. All done with an ulterior motive to always keep your brand a notch above your competitors in your customers’ mind.

“Customer service is the new marketing.” Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby

Outsource Customer Care Support Service

Satisfied Visitors > Loyal Customers
> Brand Advocates

Whether, it is before, during or after the sale, our customer service outsourcing agents handle each interaction earnestly. Your customers at any point in their journey are dealt with the utmost courtesy, are made to feel important, respected, well attended and cared for so that they always walk away content, with a positive impression of your brand. After all, it is the reviews and recommendations of the existing customers that your potential customers trust the most. Your customers openly share and escalate their experiences on social media which directly shapes others’ perception of your brand. Our ultimate goal is to provide outstanding customer experiences so that the only word that goes out is in your favour and brings in more customers.

Mirroring your brand

A rep may be a better fit than others to be the face of your brand. While recruiting for your customer support outsourcing team, we look for harmony between your brand personality and the people who will be representing your brand. Once on board, everyone in your customer service outsourcing team is encouraged to engross themselves in your brand, if possible, even to use your products to gain first-hand experience and knowledge of your brand, enabling them to speak your brand so confidently that your customers never question where your services end and ours begin! Our on-site training facilities and customised training programs are designed in a way that your customer service outsourcing team strongly identifies with your company culture and considers itself as working for you and handle your customer interactions just the way you would have.

Strategical Solutions to make sure
you work smarter, not harder

There have been many advancements in the field of customer service outsourcing- Artificial Intelligence, Self Serve to name a few. However, how to leverage these opportunities in your business environment to improve efficiencies and yet deliver high-quality service requires expertise and continuous work, else they can be counterproductive. When you outsource customer service to us, we assess your specific business requirements and based on our analysis we design customised programs to help you incorporate these automated technologies into your customer service channels. Given our extensive experience and expertise in customer support outsourcing services to some of the world’s most revolutionary companies, we can recommend various other artificial intelligence run solutions that can help you fill gaps in your customer service, reduce operational cost, improve customer satisfaction, drive growth and increase revenue.