BPO and Call Center Services for Travel Industry

Designed for Travel Businesses, Delivered by Travel Enthusiasts



  • Booking and Reservations
  • Up-sell & Cross sell
  • Itinerary Research and Planning
  • Changes and Cancellation
  • Special Requests
  • Customer Services
  • General Enquiries
  • Loyalty Program Queries
  • VIP Customer Hotline
  • Live Chat Support
  • Email Helpdesk



  • Ticketing
  • Social Media Monitoring and Support
  • Suppliers & Agencies coordination
  • Fraud Verification/Monitoring
  • Refunds Administration
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Queue Monitoring and Management
  • Loyalty Program Administration and Coordination



  • Air, Train and Hotel Bookings
  • Flower/Gift delivery
  • Dining Reservations
  • Secretarial Services
  • Taxi and Local transport
  • Event Tickets
  • Translations

Passion is the most underutilized and effective sales tool. Customers are predisposed to trust the recommendation of someone who possesses the knowledge, expertise, authenticity, natural excitement and motivation to help them get what they need. It is this basic fact that we realized and used to our clients’ advantage.

At LiveSalesman Travel BPO, we do not hire regular call center staff to handle sales and customer service for our travel industry clients. Instead, we hire people who share our passion- Travel. Travel junkies, travel bloggers, experienced professionals from airlines, tourism and hospitality industry or simply people who are passionate about travel. This way, we are able to leverage individuals who have a natural curiosity to really learn about a new place — the people, the cities, the food, the culture, people who have amassed extensive knowledge about how to travel, where to stay, things to look for when making travel bookings and other tips and tricks that any traveler would appreciate. In brief, these are the people who do not need to be ‘taught’ about travel.

You can, of course, hire regular customer service staff and train them on your travel services or tour packages to sell it but we strongly believe that an unenthusiastic, unmotivated customer service rep can not guide your potential customers and stimulate the imagination that motivates them to get going, like an intellectually motivated travel enthusiast would.

The innate passion for travel that our travel experts possess makes them wonderful advisors and guide to your customers looking for expert guidance while making their travel bookings.

Travel Business is all about the experience you create
and it starts with how you sell it!

Call Center and Booking Experts for Tour Operators

Travellers usually do not have a set destination in mind when planning trips, nor do they always know much about the destinations. What further complicates the selection process is that Itineraries and packages offered by different Tour operators often look alike.

During research when travellers contact one of your representatives, they are on an inspiration quest, looking for answers, advice and guidance. If your representative is not able to highlight the added value you bring to the table as opposed to what your competitors offer, they will continue their search.

Our highly knowledgeable Travel Call Center Agents not only answer your customers’ questions about your services but also act as true travel consultants to help them select the most suitable itinerary for a memorable experience. They engage your prospects in pertinent discussion to better understand their preferences and requirements such as dates, destinations, budget, the profile of travellers, activities they wish to engage in etc. and accordingly advise them on what destination itinerary and tour package would be best suited.

Our Travel Call Center agents guide them on a whole array of excursions, adventure activities, local markets & culture, geography or whatever else interests and actually matter to your customers to portray a verbal picture of a fresh, new, extraordinary travel experience that your tour packages offer, thus stimulating your customers’ interest in booking with you.

Our Travel Call Centers Experts also share some valuable tips that any traveller would appreciate. For instance, a customer who has booked a trip to Paris for the weekend is going to appreciate finding out about Seine river trips for the free salsa dancing meet ups there in summer nights!

The way our travel call center Experts are able to trigger a strong emotional desire to travel to a destination is way beyond what just photos, content or casual browsing on your website can achieve.

Call Center and Reservation Specialists for Travel Agencies

Our Travel Call Center and Reservation agents are experienced professionals with an in-depth understanding of reservations, fare rules. They can comfortably work on your chosen CRS/GDS systems such as Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, World Span etc. We also have skilled ticketing agents with IATA or UFTAA certification. Our Travel Call Center and Reservation agents very well understand best routings, frequent flyer programs, airline alliances, benefits of elite status on airlines, baggage policy and very good understanding of the product quality each airline offers in its different classes of service. Using this knowledge our Travel Call Center and Reservation agents are able to give a credible recommendation to your customers in helping them make a reservation.
Travel companies usually sit on mountains of valuable customer data, such as saved preferences, past buying history and Loyalty Program membership. Our Travel Call Center and Reservation agents can utilize this data to identify current and future cross-sell and upsell opportunities and make other relevant offers, boosting your overall revenue and increase your AOV by 15-30%. For instance, someone buying just air tickets can be cross-sold a hotel booking or car rental or they can educate your customers about the importance of travel insurance cover and offer the best deal available.

Call Center and Boking Experts for Car Rental Companies

In the highly competitive online environment where customers often make their decisions based primarily on the price, many USP’s of your Car rental service is often lost on your customers. Our Travel call center and Live chat agents for Car Rental companies can answer any questions your customers may have regarding your car rental service, highlighting the benefits of booking through you.

We give your customer comprehensive information on your rental terms and conditions, explain to them if auto insurance is included, what are the different types of insurance etc. We can send quotes and make reservations for your customers. We help you generate additional revenue by upselling to your customers a premium category car or cross-sell add-ons to them such as Insurance, GPS, mobile phone, baby seats etc.

We offer breakdown assistance by coordinating between your customers and your roadside assistance partner. When needed, we arrange alternate transport for your customers in the event of a breakdown or an accident.

For offsite locations, we can answer customer calls for shuttle pick-up and coordinate with your drivers to arrange pick-ups.

We can also coordinate with your travel agency/tour operator partners to send them quotes, make reservations and send vouchers to them besides doing reconciliations and handling billing and invoicing.

Call Center and Booking Experts for Cruise Lines

Booking a cruise can be overwhelming, especially for your first-time cruisers. They need help in deciding which itinerary would be best for them or which excursions they should book. Maybe they’re not sure they picked the right stateroom or whether they should be on a lower deck or a higher deck, or if they should consider adding travel protection to their purchase. Our travel call center and booking agents will guide your clients to the right cruise and amenities based on their wants and needs. Customers greatly appreciate getting informed assistance while making a reservation.