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Translation can convey not connect!

While there are several automated translation tools available in the market, you must remember -translation is functional not emotional. There is a limitation to how well you can express yourself with translation tools. Therefore while it may help you convey your message to your customers, it cannot help you build a connection with your new customers. It is important to build a rapport with your customers if you want their business and that can only happen when you interact with them in their native language, the local way.

The very basis of customer experience is the need for meaningful communication in the preferred language of the customer and automated translation often fails to achieve that. The accuracy of the translation tools or its ability to convey exactly what you intend remains debatable and is known to cause confusion and miscommunication. Such poor customer service experience can send an unintentional message to your foreign customers that they are important enough to sell to in their language (foreign language websites), but not important enough to support. Dissatisfied customers experiencing this broken brand promise may overtly express their displeasure on the Internet to thousands of friends in an instant, rendering all your global expansion efforts futile.
Multilingual Support is key to the success of global E-commerce business
There are many countries with fast-growing economies and fast-growing Internet audiences that are not native English speakers. Language is a complex barrier that often stands as an obstacle between international customers and online businesses that have been unsuccessfully trying to expand in foreign markets. In a global economy, while a business could tell its customers that it ships only to North American locations or accepts only U.S. dollars. However, it may transpire that the overseas market offers the best sales opportunity for the business. Therefore it's important for the online business to determine how it will deal with customers in foreign nations. The use of the web in a wide variety of languages other than English is growing faster than English language web use, which implies that the real opportunity and the next generation of growth for ecommerce businesses is going to be through languages other than English. In today's Global Economy, if language barrier is preventing your business from reaching out to every customer you can, your business is enormously losing out on many opportunities to grow.

A survey of global web users revealed that 52.4% buy only at websites that provide information and more specifically, customer support in their language. While support in Spanish language (13% of the U.S. population is Hispanic and Spanish is predominant second language in the United States) is understandably stressed amongst American Retailers, the rise of China as an economic power has thrust Mandarin into the limelight. Also, given the fact that nearly half of the European population speaks only in their native language, Online Businesses can no longer afford to restrict their customer support only to English language. Because customers expect to be able to contact a company with questions, special requests or problems related to ordering and are naturally more comfortable if they can communicate with customer service in their mother tongue. Last few years has seen a rapid growth in demand for support in Spanish, German, French, Scandinavian, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and Chinese to name a few.

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