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Challenges of Online Lingerie Stores

Buying lingerie online can be more baffling than shopping for other apparel given the plethora of styles, cup sizes, fabrics and brands to choose from. Women or men shopping on your website are understandably hesitant to click on the checkout button if they have unanswered questions about color, fit, return policy, and a host of other details.

Internet shoppers' attention span is known to be very short and they do not spend time reading your help section to get their queries answered. That's why many of them place the products in the shopping cart but don't check out.
Data suggests that 85% of women not only wear the wrong bra size but also wear the wrong style for their figure. Even though customers have inadequate knowledge about how to find the correct size, style, cut or fabric, they do not have patience to go through extensive guides you have arduously put on your website to help them. As a result, there are lot of customers who end up purchasing lingerie that is not right for them which makes them lose their confidence in your product and invites unnecessary hassle of exchanges and returns. Needless to say that this ruins customer shopping experience with you and you may risk losing your customer. 

In a world of instant gratification, where an alternative Online Lingerie Store is just a mouse click away, you need to find ways to instantly respond to their queries and help them select the right product. If you don't, their cursor will be heading to the back button and on to a competitor in the blink of an eye.
Our Solution
Replicating the in-Boutique Personalized Shopping Experience on your Online Lingerie Store with our Live Lingerie Experts
We understand the intricacies of shopping intimates online and came up with a perfect solution: allowing your online shoppers to communicate with our team of Lingerie Experts in real time via live chat. With live chat support, we provide your online shoppers with a comfortable platform where they can interact with our highly knowledgeable and specially trained Lingerie Stylists who instantly answer their questions and help them through their decision making process to increase their comfort level so that they can buy with confidence.
Our Lingerie Specialists are always available to meet-and-greet your website visitors and replicate the same personalized shopping experience for your customers that they experience in any luxury brick and mortar boutique. They engage your shoppers in personalized live chat sessions to understand their requirements; body type, preferences, occasion and lifestyle needs and then make relevant suggestions. The objective is to boost conversion and maximize each opportunity to make a sale by helping your shoppers find the lingerie that actually addresses their needs out of 1000s of styles available in your e-store because not every product is right for everyone. By guiding your customers what style and cut to go for, we not only help you close the sale but also save you and your customers the unnecessary hassle that entails exchange and returns. We make browsing and shopping on your website an immersive and personalized experience for your customers.

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