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The real opportunity and the next generation of growth for ecommerce businesses globally is going to come from fast growing overseas markets like China, Korea, Japan, Middle East to name a few. However, majority of the consumers do not speak English. How can you successfully sell to them if you customer service does not speak their language? Translation is not enough!  Customer support in local language is key to the success of E-businesses wanting to capitalize on new foreign markets and nationalities.
We understand that it is not always financially viable or easily manageable for any business to internally hire employees to cater to different languages. Therefore, we offer businesses one stop solution for all their foreign language customer and sales support requirements:
  • Multichannel solutions delivered over Phone, Email and Live Chat (both inbound and outbound call center services, back-office and other functions)
  • Localized native language support delivered from our 18 offices worldwide.
  • Customer and Sales support available in over 100 European and Asian languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German & Korean, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Scandinavian languages and Russian to name a few.
  • Bilingual agents with firm grasp on both written and spoken foreign language and English
  • Offer Multilingual Call Center Solutions on both shared (agents work on more than one account at a time) and dedicated (agents dedicatedly work for your business) models.
  • Flexible plans to cater to your specific business needs- support available for 24x7, local business hours only, after hours only etc.
  • Native-speaking linguists with unparalleled understanding of cultural nuances, local consumer behavior and above all, of brand voice & the intricacies involved in adapting that voice to a global landscape
  • Easily scalable set up. Caters to small/mid sized businesses which require 1-2 seat to the large ones that require manifold
  • Local phone number in your target market.
  • Effectively guide & handle your International customers’ queries on International shipping & returns such as duties, taxes, product restrictions and varying regulations of custom compliance and clearance in your international target markets
  • Give you critical information on the local market you are targeting & fill you in on local shopping trends, merchandising tips, cultural nuances & consumer insights so that you can connect locally with global shoppers
  • Analyze your customer service challenges. Based on that make strategic transformation in customer service processes & innovate technological tools to not only enhance your customer service experience but also add more business value
We offer Multilingual Call Center solutions for:
  • Sales, Cross- sell and Upsell
  • Multilingual Customer Support (Level I, Level II and Level III technical and non technical support)
  • Multilingual Live Chat
  • Multilingual E-mail Support
  • Multilingual Phone Support
  • Order Management
  • Multilingual Tech support
  • Retention
  • Multilingual Phone answering service
  • Fraud monitoring and investigations
  • Chargeback management
  • Multilingual Social Media Localization and management
What makes our international customer service superior
Team that is truly international
At LiveSaleman, our International Customer Service Team is a good amalgam of people speaking different languages, coming from different cultures and living in different countries around the world.

Our head office is in India, which now attracts the best talent from countries around the world. We regularly tap into this sizeable expat population for our recruitment for our international customer service team. While our English language support solutions are delivered from our call centers in India and Philippines, we run and operate offices in locations across 18 countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America to cater to different foreign language support requirements (China, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Russia, Romania and Nicaragua to name some). Our staff members from around the world bring in a wide array of experience in how business is conducted in different countries and cultures.

Given our network in different locations, we have the ability to quickly set-up new remote offices in the countries where we don't have a presence already but our clients want to have their customer service presence there.
Team equipped with the right data, tools and training that enables them to provide superior international customer service
When you ship internationally, you need a customer service team that understands and has the ability to effectively explain and guide your international customers on obscure details involved in international shipping and returns so that your customers never have a negative experience with your brand.

Our international customer service team is trained to have in depth knowledge of rules and regulations involved in international custom compliance and clearance, calculation of duties and taxes, information about product classification and restrictions in various countries- to name a few common issues that can upset your international customers immensely in unfavorable scenarios. While you can't have much control over the above mentioned issues, with the help and expertise of international customer support team, you can rest assured that we will be guiding your international customers every step of the way to help them avoid costly mistakes, will promptly solve their problems and patiently educate them to ensure that they have a hassle free international shopping experience with you.
Team that acts as your local guide and gives you critical insights on your target market
Our years of experience in providing support to consumers in different countries has given us critical insights into the traits and characteristics of local consumer behavior and how to best deal with that, cultural norms, linguistic nuances, local market trends etc. We will fill you in with these valuable insights and will gladly share with you the best practices that we have observed, developed and implemented for our other clients who we helped develop strong customer base in foreign markets. Web user groups in different countries have differing online behavior and our knowledge about their habits would allow your business to develop a relevant strategy for them. We will also give you local marketing tips, suggestions for country-specific merchandising based on what people are buying etc. Thus, we not only help you stay ahead of your competitors but also help your credibility in a new market and make your international shoppers feel like you're just around the corner.
Team that helps you gather crucial consumer feedback in a new market
When you venture into a new market, it is important to regularly gauge how your new consumers perceive your brand, what they think of your products or service. Customers are all usually ever ready to sing your praises or point out improvements required in your product, service or image. All you need to do is hold meaningful dialogue with them and ask- a skill that our international customer service team is adept at. They put in serious effort to build rapport with your foreign customers and get significant consumer insights that can immensely help your business.

You lose out on this opportunity if you offer support only in English as most of the foreign-language customers may have functional English skills and due to language limitations between agents and customers, essential details may be lost. To connect with your foreign customers, our agents not only speak their language but also make sure that they converse using proper, localized colloquial speak, jargons, contractions.

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