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Bilingual Call Center Services in Korean (Korean and English)

Our native Korean language call center solutions will enable you to focus on geographical expansion strategies rather than dwell on daunting linguistic barriers.

Why LiveSalesman's Korean Call Center Services:
  • Call Center Solutions in Native Korean language
  • Multichannel Korean language solutions delivered over Live Chat, Phone and E-mail.
  • Bilingual Korean call center agents with firm grasp on both written and spoken Korean and English
  • Offer Korean customer support and sales solutions on both shared (agents work on more than one account at a time) and dedicated (agents dedicatedly work for your business) models.
  • Delivered from our local offices in Korean, by the agents who are native to Korea, living and working in Korea
  • Native Korean agents who understand the cultural nuances and local consumer behavior
  • Flexible solutions customized to your specific business needs- 24x7, only during Korean business hours, after hours etc.
  • Local Phone number in Korea
  • Easily scalable to suit ever changing business needs. Start with 1 seat and quickly scale up to cater to increased traffic or just to address seasonal peaks and turfs.
  • Dedicated account management with quality assurance team to consistently meet your standards
Use our native Korean call center services for:
  • Sales, Cross- sell and Upsell
  • Customer Support in Korean (Level I, Level II and Level III technical and non technical support)
  • E-mail Support in Korean
  • Phone Support in Korean
  • Order Management
  • Live Chat in Korean
  • Tech support in Korean
  • Retention
  • Phone answering service in Korean
  • Fraud monitoring and investigations
  • Chargeback management
  • Social Media management in Korean
With our Korean Call Center Services, connect with your Korean customers, the local way!
Our Native Korean Call Center Specialists
We understand that it is a costly affair for businesses to internally hire Korean speaking agents and have them work in Korean business hours. Therefore, we offer a cost effective solution to businesses wherein you can outsource your Korean Sales and Customer Service to us and we help you capitalize on fast growing Korean market.
With local presence in Gangnam and Seoul Korea, we provide you with native speaking Korean customer service agents who have an intimate knowledge of the language spoken in different parts of Korea and understand the intricacies of regional dialects. Our agents are fluent in both written as well as spoken Korean. All our agents are bi-lingual and can speak and write in perfect American English. Many of our agents have had American and Canadian college education, and some have even worked in the United States before moving back to South Korea.
Localized Customer Support in Korean that will help you connect locally with your Korean shoppers
Our native speaking Korean call center agents have an unparalleled understanding of brand voice and the intricacies involved in adapting that voice to a global landscape. They not only communicate your product, service or message in Korean but also make it linguistically and culturally appropriate to your target market. So unlike translators or automated translation service that provide word-for- word translation and have passing familiarity with Korea's culture, our native Korean call center agents are able to explain the unique contest of the conversation. A successful localized product or service is one that appears to have been developed within the local culture and is well accepted by its audience- a factor that can make all the difference in your Korean business venture and can only be accomplished by Korean agents who truly understand Korea's linguists and cultural nuances.
Multichannel Korean Call Center Solutions
Modern culture of information accessibility and consumerism demands that the customers should be able to interact with the brand whenever they need, in the language they choose and through the channel they want to utilize. Therefore, our multi-channel Korean call center solutions are offered through chat, E-mail and Phone with flexible options to provide support to your customers 24x7 or only during Korean business hours.
Live Chat support in Korean
Using Live Chat technology, we provide your Korean website visitors with a comfortable conversation platform where they can chat with our proficient native Korean speaking chat specialists to get instant personalized help right on your website. Your Korean visitors are clearly more happy as they can get their queries answered instantly right on the website and do not have to dial a helpline number, go through the IVR menu and wait in a queue to speak with a live human being. For your business, it translates into much lower customer service cost as a live chat costs nearly about half of a customer service call.
Phone Support in Korean
We are able to provide you with Korean Fixed line phone number as well as Korean toll free number for phone support. Our Dedicated bi-lingual customer care specialists are fluent both in spoken English and Korean. Our offices are open 24x7, so you can choose to provide your Korean customers support during Korean business hours or give them 24x7 round the clock support. If you are looking for a customized plan to suit your business needs, talk to us.
Korean language customer support is critical to your business's success in Korea
Korea has also risen immensely in importance. Over 80 million people world over speak Korean with sizeable populations of ethnic Koreans in the United States, Japan, China and Russia. Data suggests that less than 10% of Koreans know English.
Now consider this. Different surveys reveal that there is an undeniably strong link between in-language customer service, content and a consumer's likelihood of making a purchase. According to a survey of global web users, this is how language affects the purchasing behaviors:
  • 72.1% of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language.
  • 72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.
  • 56.2% of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.
That's correct. More than half of consumers are willing to pay more if you are willing to give them information in their own languages. Customers expect to be able to contact a company with questions, special requests or problems related to ordering and are naturally more comfortable if they can communicate with customer service in their mother tongue.
Translations tools are not enough!
While there are several automated translation tools available in the market, you must remember -Translation can convey but not connect! The very basis of customer experience is the need for meaningful communication in the preferred language of the customer and automated translation often fails to achieve that. Such poor customer service experience can send an unintentional message to your Korean customers that they are important enough to sell to in their language (Korean language websites), but not important enough to support. Dissatisfied customers experiencing this broken brand promise may overtly express their displeasure on the Internet to thousands of friends in an instant, rendering all your global expansion efforts futile. Also, It is important to build a rapport with your customers if you want their business and that can only happen when you interact with them in their native language, the local way.
Global retailers can't afford to ignore Korean market. Here is why:
  • Korea has emerged as a top economic and technological powerhouse that is now a trillion dollar marketplace.
  • The South Korean GDP is over $1 trillion, making it the fourteenth largest economy in the world.
  • The South Korean GDP per capita is about $26,000, which is similar to New Zealand and the Czech Republic.
  • Koreans enjoy the fastest Internet speed in the world with 95% population having Internet broadband access and two-thirds own a smartphone.
  • Shopping is a national pastime. Korean consumers are amongst the most prolific online shoppers in the Asia Pacific region, only second to China and Japan.
  • Average spend per digital customer is third highest in Korean in Asia Pacific region.

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