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Even though more instant communication channels such as Live Chat and Phone Support are gaining popularity, the good old email support is still the preferred communication channel for some customers. Simple auto-response acknowledgment with the help of technological tools available to e-businesses can not set a customer service standard as they do not answer customer's questions. Infact they erode customers' trust in you and is indicative of a bigger problem in the form of the business lost by the websites due to this because customer's interest in doing business with you wanes over time.

We understand that email interactions with your customers are another opportunity to reinforce your brand. Therefore, our benchmarks for quality of customers service and commitment to mirror your brand values are just as high when we communicate over email as it is when we respond to calls and chats. We diligently work on meeting your performance criteria for email support including contractually agreed upon response times, queue routing, escalation rules and branding guidelines.

We lay tremendous emphasis on the significance of responding to customers in time. Even if we realize that the complaint in question can not be resolved instantly, we make it a point to let them know that we have got their request and supply them with a timeline for when we will be able to complete the task. On similar lines, our email support agents ensure that we keep your customers updated with the status so that they don’t feel lost. Keeping the customers in loop shows them that things are under control and you are a brand that cares about keeping customers informed. In order to consistently deliver superior levels of customer care we have promised you, we train and regularly coach our email support agents on email systems and procedures, email etiquettes such as use of professional language in email response and always keeping the tone of the emails polite and welcoming. We are as stringent about quality assessment in our outsourced email support as we are in live chat or call support. We also take care to route emails to the queue of the customer care specialist best qualified to answer it.

Like our outsourced live chat and call support services, our email support service is also flexible and scalable. At a short notice, we can scale up to handle large email volumes during peak season or even unanticipated email flow due to anunexpected website issue.

We can work on any system or email platform that works best for your company. We can provide you with daily reports containing any statistics you demand, including actual email volumes vs. anticipated email flow and response times.

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