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Multilingual Social Media Localization and Management

We also offer social media customer service and communication in multiple languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic etc. The service is delivered by our team of multilingual social media experts. We not only manage your regular Facebook or twitter pages in foreign language but also help you connect with your international customers on local social media platforms that are popular in your target market. For instance, we will not only manage your Facebook page in Chinese but will also help you manage customer interaction on Sina Weibo.
  • Help you make social media accessible to your International customers who speak different languages
  • Respond to inbound customer service questions
  • Address your customers’ concerns in time, no matter in what language they express their grievances
  • Promptly divert and escalate customer grievances to the appropriate offline department when necessary
  • Identify and engage key socially influential customers and make these influencers your social ambassadors, thereby driving their friends and followers to your website and promoting positive word of mouth
  • Reach out to your international customers on social platforms that are popular in your target market & have localized social media presence. For example, Orkut is number one in Brazil In Russia it is and in China it is Sina Weibo.
  • Engage your International users on a one-to-one level on all social media platforms and interact with them in their native language, using proper culturally appropriate localized social media speak
  • Help you expand your social media reach through effective messaging that is relevant to your target audience
Why Social media Localization is important
Language matters and it's not restricted to customer support or web content only, the entire spectrum of a business, especially all customer touch points such as social networks, should be available for foreign language web users to pursue through. There is no getting around the fact that Spanish-speaking, French-speaking or Farsi-speaking customers will share negative experiences within their social circles as frequently as English-speaking customers do. Therefore, you need to make your social media as accessible as possible to all your international customers, which means it's essential to interact with them in the language they comprehend to maintain a successful brand. A customer is more likely to engage with you on Twitter and Facebook if your page is localized in their language and messaging resonates with your target audience. Localized support is guaranteed to result in a rewarding return-on-investment because by answering customers' queries in their native tongue, businesses are able to build a larger customer base and offer greater customer satisfaction.

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