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We understand that for small and mdeium sized business which receive only upto 20 chats/calls in a day, employing dedicated staff is neither financially viable nor is it required. Therefore, we have devised a professional and affordable Contact Center solution for small to mid size e-businesses under Shared services wherein 3-4 clients can draw from the same group of agents who possess similar skills sets. In other words, the same group of contact center agents typically support for 3-4 low traffic websites simultaenously. A shared contact center agent can handle maximum of 2 chats/ account simultaneously. Since, all the websites that a shared contact center agent supports are low traffic, it seldom happens that all the websites receive chats at the same time so you can rest assured about the quality support even with our shared contact center service.

Our Shared Contact Center model allows for greater efficiency  and effectiveness with a high level of quality. Our training methodologies and quality assurance team ensures that the agents are able to communicate your brand image as well as you do and your customers get the same high quality service, even though the agents are working for more than one client at a time.

We recommend our shared contact center solution for businesses that require us to answer basic customer queries and generate leads for them to be able to follow up.

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