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LiveSalesman Contact Center is certified by ISO/ IEC 27001:2005. We are committed to respecting, protecting and safeguarding privacy and confidentiality of data and information entrusted to us by our customers. In order to ensure that our customers’ data is safeguarded adequately we have following systems in place to mitigate internal and external sources of risk:
  • Stringent Employee Background Checks
  • Real Time Monitoring of Personnel on Operations Floor
  • Dedicated teams for each client for the development, implementation and coordination of policies and procedures specific to the client's account
  • Strict “Code of Conduct” which is signed and adhered to by all contact center employees
Physical Security
  • Security Personnel deployed in all entry and exit points.
  • Mandatory frisking of all employees
  • Access Restricted on the Operations Floor using Biometric
  • Paperless Office (No recording instruments, mobiles or phones are allowed on Operations floor)
  • Physically Secure Network Operations Data Center(s)
  • Entry to the Office Territory allowed only with Official ID.
  • Physical Isolation of Customer Teams on Operations Floor
  • Only Management authorized to access any crucial data. Any material movement of data must be authorized and can be tracked
  • Image Capturing Devices like Scanners or Photocopiers prohibited on the Operations Floor
  • Restricted Internet access on the Operations Floor
  • Computers on the Operations Floor secured against Data Duplication.
IT Systems
  • Hierarchical Access Permissions for IT management
  • LivePerson Chat Application that is equipped with SSL Encryption ( Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol) to keep customer-sensitive data, such as Financial Information and Credit Card numbers, completely secure.
  • Rigorous Password Management
  • Layered Firewall security
  • Constrained User Interface and Controlled Internet access for associates
  • CD and Floppy Drives removed from Operations Floor Computers
  • Data exchanged over the broadband through the secure server in a highly encrypted manner
  • All Entry/Exit points are secure and all movement is logged.
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
We have very strict confidentiality and security clauses built into them at the network and data level. Such SLAs also cover all relevant laws that our clients want us to comply with and actions that can be taken in case of breaches.
No Marketing Lists: 
We do not engage in creating or selling lists of consumer names for Direct Marketing purposes nor do we sell or license consumer names or other personalinformation to companies or individuals who use the information for that purpose
Non- Disclosure Agreements (NDA) :
We have strict NDAs with our clients which address the issue of client confidentiality.

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