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Personalized Assistance in Real Time
Our team of Outsourced Online Live Chat Sales Specialists are always available over live chat on your website to meet-and-greet your customers when they visit your website and engage them in a conversation to understand their needs. They help them navigate through your site, preseting them with options in a helpful and educating manner, just the way a salesperson in a brick and mortar store walks you through a physical store to show the products. Our Live Chat sales agent's goal is to help you customers make an informed decision and assist them buy what is in their best interest. When appropriate, our Live chat sales reps cross sell and upsell by suggesting additional complementary products that make sense to your customers.

Our Sales Specilalists effectively communicate your brand and draw your customers attention to the features and benefits of your product/service which no amount of articulate literature on your website can do as the attention span of the internet customers is too short to spend time reading it. These Live Chat Sales Agents expertly utilize access to real-time customer history and other key data like behavioral pattern on the website, demographics, location or key words searched to anticipate customers needs and make their suggestions or recommendations. We make browsing and shopping on your website an immersive experience for your customers that results in higher customer satisfaction and incremental revenue per customer. Our Outsourced Sales Specialists help you foster sustained long term relationships with your customers that drives repeat business for your brand.
Proactively reach out to the customers
Our Live chat Sales Representatives identify and prioritize the most promising customers for immediate attention and proactively engage them, separating shoppers who will convert on their own or the ones who won’t buy under any condition. These Sales Agents evaluate each visitor’s likelihood of converting based on their Geographical location, History i.e. shoppers who have visited or shopped from your website in the past, keyword searched, referral path, value of shopping cart and browser behavior to name a few. That way, you focus 100 percent on converting the fence-sitters to boost incremental sales.
Engaging right customers with the right assistance at the right time
Our Liev chat Sales Operators utilize proactive chat capabilities to reach out to ‘fence sitters’, website visitors who are more likely to buy if you interact with them. For instance, if a visitor has been on product detail page for 30-40 seconds- we send the message- “Hi! May I answer any questions regarding this product?” or if the product search results returns zero results or if the visitor does not click on any of the search results, which indicates that the visitor may not be satisfied with the search results, we can initiate chat asking “Hi! May I offer you any assistance with your search?’’ Our sales reps reduce shopping cart abandonment by talking to the hesitant shoppers who have added products to shopping cart but are not proceeding to check out and assist them complete the purchase. Similarly, they act as check out attendants andrescue your website shoppers from check out errors. If a shopper has been on the check out page for 80-90 seconds, we send an invite asking “May I help you with the checkout?”, and thus saving a sale before it is abandoned. The proactive chat window automatically disappears if there is no response from the shopper within 30 seconds. Our proactive live chat invite allows your shoppers to know that the prompt help is available right on your website, without being intrusive.
One Outsourced Sales Specialist is capable of handling multiple chat conversations comfortably which means quick responses for more website visitors without annoying wait in the queue and thus less visitors abandoning your website in absence of prompt help. So, you Save Money and Earn GreaterROI with our fuly managed Outcourced Live Chat Sales Solution. 

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