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Delivering Improvement in Conversion Rate 
Real time assistance from a linegrie stylist helps your website shoppers buy with confidence, and as a result, it is usual to see a 30 to 50 percent improvement in conversion rate. Speaking with a lingerie specialist can easily deliver a 10 to 20 percent lift or more in average order value by focusing on cross selling and up-selling opportunities among assisted customers. For instance if a customer is only buying a bra, our lingerie specialist can ask “Would you like me to show you matching panty as this will look great when worn as a set?” or draw attention to the offers you are running on your website to up-sell.

Other benefits include reduced checkout errors, because shoppers’ questions are answered ahead of time and ofcourse higher customer satisfaction rate whichagain traslates into more number of sales. A happy customer always brings in more sales by word of mouth recommdation.
Customized Live Chat Window
You have the option of making the Live chat Support on your website reactive- when customers want it, they click on the button to receive help- or Proactive- proactively reach out to help customers based on intelligent business rules. The Live Chat button is totally customizable. We can modify the look and feel of the button to match it with your website and can brand it with your logo. On Live chat Window Pop Up, We can also add such text as “Know about Special Offers” or “Get Free Lingerie Advise” to boost live chat acceptance rate.

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