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Quality Assurance

Quality is our passion and is at the very core of our commitments to our clients.

At LiveSalesman Contact Center, we invest considerable time, money and energy to ensure that we are consistently meeting your quality standards. Quality team works in tandem with operations team (Team Leaders and Managers) who monitor and coach agents on daily basis to ensure objectivity and highest level of quality. 

We accomplish this both through post-contact evaluations as well as real time monitoring and call barging. Live Chat Transcripts, E-mail responses and Calls are reviewed and performance is assed based on primarily these metrics: the greeting, presentation and communication skills, issue management, product knowledge, and closing. Based on the evaluation, we identify areas of improvement for each contact center agent and determine the best ways to optimize quality and attain that improvement. All the new contact center agents are monitored in real time for at least a week after they go live so that they can be tutored in real time and chances of any error is minimal. 

Our proactive monitoring approach ensures that agents get regular feedback on their performance that facilitates a much greater opportunity for improvement while the customer contact is still new. Quality Evaluators make sure that all customer interactions are at a level that is aligned with your expectations and are in line with your brand personality. Close communication between the client, the managers, and the agents keeps everyone in the loop, and facilitates a much smoother operation and allows clients full control over quality, maintaining a level of comfort and confidence between us and the clients. 

Higher quality results in more loyal customers; more loyal customers lead to repeat purchases and larger orders. Contact us today to find out more about how our robust quality assurance process can work for you consistent with then consulted on their performance. 


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