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Personal Shopper is a espcially designed Customer Service and Sales Solution for Online Fashion Retailers such as Online Lingerie Boutiques, Online Apparel Businesses or websites that are sell fashion footwear and other accessories. Having worked with many fashion e-businesses, we feel that such businesses require specialized customer service or sales staff to serve their customers. Fashion cannot be sold simply by answering customer queries from a knowledge base. It requires knack for understanding fashion and being able to give recommendations to the customer to help her/him make the right buying decision. Sheer choice of products available on websites can be really baffling for any customer and they appreciate if they can get real time assistance in picking the right product out of 1000s available on the website.

 Therefore, we have put together a team of fashion savvy stylists who craft a personalized shopping experience for your online shoppers and instantly respond to your website visitors queries via live chat.  Our Live Chat stylists understand your customer’s specific needs and desires and accordingly provide them expert advice on what to shop. They keep themselves abreast of latest fashion and very well understand what type of lingerie/ apparel would work for a certain body type or what suggestions to make keeping in mind the preferences or lifestyle of the customer in question. Their goal is not to make one time sale but to build an excellent rapport with your customers to drive repeat purchases.

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