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Proactively Help Shoppers for a Persoal Touch
Our Lingerie Specialists utilize proactive chat feature to target and reach out to shoppers who are more likely to buy if you interact with them. For instance, they can initiate live chat customer support instantaneously if they notice that the customer is spending too much time on a product page or if the product search returns zero results , they can proactively ask- “Hi! May I offer you some assistance with your search?” On simliar lines, our team of Lingerie Experts use proactive chat to rescue your customers from check-out errors.  For example, if a customer has been in the shopping cart page for a period of 80-90 seconds – they send them a message: “Do you need help with your checkout?” Our Lingerie Experts evaluate your shoppers' site behaviour in real time such as click through data or keywords searched (and many more intelligent business rules) to look for signs that a customer needs assistance or may abandon the website. This way they effectively identify and reach out to e-commerce shoppers, who are intending to buy and move them towards purchase, segregating ‘window shoppers’ who are just browsing the website and won’t buy under any condition. Through Proactive Chat our Lingerie Experts let your online shoppers know that the instant assistance is available without being intrusive. After a 30 second delay, the chat window disappears if there’s been no response. 
We Go an Extra Mile
We encourage our Lingerie Experts to take the initiative and go the extra mile in making sure that your customers enjoy an outstanding, personalized service so that they become loyal advocates for your brand. We help you not only convert the visitors who come on your webiste but we also work with you to create new sales opportunities to increase your ROI.
  • Deliver one on one service that is outstanding at all times. Follow up with each customer for their suggestions, or for feedback on items purchased through you
  • Understand an individual’s shopping profile and accordingly send them recommendations when the new collections arrive
  • Develop long lasting relationships with all your customers especially the high spending ones
  • Use existing customer order history and wish lists to identify proactive sales opportunities such as birthdays, anniversaries
  • Conduct seasonal invitation only online styling appointments with high value customer segments and convert recommendations into sales
  • Follow up with all new customer leads acquired through events and promotions to build relationships and ultimately generate sales
  • Special assistance for brides to be and men shopping on the website
Our Lingerie Specialists
Our team of personal shoppers are always on hand to advise. Driven by passion for lingerie and swimwear, our team consists of fully trained bra fitters who guide women on how to find the correct size. They have an in depth understanding of how each style fits and what body type it is appropriate for. Our lingerie specialists are trained to know all your merchandise, different brands, materials and selections to be found in your online store so that they can handle any query that comes their way and are able to effectively communicate the USP of each brand and product. Above all our dedicated lingerie specialists speak your brand and deliver the high quality service level that your customers expect and demand by communicating expertise and passion in every chat interaction. Our agents immerse themselves in your brand, gaining hands-on knowledge by using your products, so they can speak from experience when talking to your customers. They strongly identify with your company and think of themselves as working for you. 

Buying lingerie online can be a very emotional and expensive decision for Brides to be. Similarly it is equally a very personal and emotional decision for men buying a gift for their beloved. Our lingerie specialists understand this very well and provide special assistance to men and brides to be shopping on your website.

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