Why LiveChat is Our Preferred Technology Partner

As one of the pioneers in providing live chat based customer service, we have worked with several live chat technology providers during 15 years we have been in business. While LiveChat is a relatively new entrant, it is one of the most user friendly and cost effective live chat tool for the number of features it provides. One of the biggest advantages of LiveChat over other tools is that agents don’t need extensive training or courses to start working on chat which significantly expedites the speed at which the new agents can go live. The pricing is not per user but is per seat which gives us the flexibility to create multiple users on the same account. It helps us ensure that all agents have their unique individual IDs without shelling extra money. It has the in-built ticketing system that allows us to follow up with the customer after the chat. With chat and ticketing system in the same tool, customer communication stays in one place and is much easier to manage. A lot of our clients use third-party tools that they like to integrate with the live chat tool. Unlike a lot of other tools in the market, LiveChat does not put a cap on the number of integrations. With REST API, we can integrate with as many tools as needed by our client easily without the need of workarounds, widgets or complicated lengthy instructions. Its stable mobile app has proved to be extremely useful for our supervisors who can log in remotely and monitor chats even when they are not in the office and can whisper in chats on the move to assist agents when required. This especially comes handy when a new project goes live and the team needs ore assistance and close supervision. Easy Facebook and Twitter integrations help us to extend customer service to social media channels for our clients without having to invest in another tool. It’s no obligation 30 days free trial allows us our clients sufficient time to evaluate the tool, an added benefit that our clients appreciate. While there are dozen other features that we love LiveChat for, their quality of customer service is of paramount importance to us. Their round the clock availability and customer-centric approach have made us sure that our services are never down for our clients. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!