Salon / Spa Receptionist Service

Focus on the clients in the salon or answer phones to get new ones? Don’t choose because, with us, you don’t have to!

At LSM, we answer all your calls to make sure you never lose an appointment to your competitors again!
  • Whether you are Luxury Spa/Salon owner or a “no frills’ one, you understand how important it is to pamper your clients- not only by providing great beauty care but also by offering unsurpassable customer service! However, doing justice to both can be overwhelming when you are juggling responsibilities between managing staff and stylists, attending to client concerns, or coordinating product supplies! With all these duties at your hand, attending to phone calls, answering customer queries and booking appointments can seem like a formidable task and even frustrating at times! Your clients in the salon also don’t appreciate their conversation with you being disrupted by obnoxious ringing phone.

    With LSM Call Center Services for Salons/Spas, you don’t have to split attention between clients in front of you and the phone. Our receptionists will handle all incoming calls while you focus on your delivering excellent service and 100% satisfaction to your clients.


Have you ever wondered, how many calls you are not answering in your salon could be appointments booked by full paying clients?

Let’s estimate what the real cost of a missed call is to you. Assume that you get an average of 20 phone calls an hour during the sixty hours you are open every week. That is 1200 phone calls a week. Lets assume that out of these 800 could be people calling for appointments that you are not currently booking because you can't answer all the calls. If you miss even 20% of these (which is a very low estimate), we are talking about 170 lost opportunities and at $50 a ticket that is additional $6500 lost revenue that you could have generated per month!! It is a huge loss because if those customers book elsewhere, you have lost them forever! These are customers who you could not only give haircuts but also could sell them facials or retail. Whatever numbers you’re working with, it’s not a good situation that can be easily prevented!

What We Can Do For You - Almost Everything!

Partnering with us is like adding an extension to your team. We may be offshore but are completely hands on!

Appointment Scheduling, Cancelling and Rescheduling

Given our experience in working with spas/salons, our receptionists are familiar with most scheduling and POS systems used by Salon and Spa industry such as Mind Body online b. They can work with whatever online calendar management software you use to schedule appointments. They can arrange appointments with specific stylists or can set general appointments with any stylist depending on the availability.

We understand that it is less expensive to retain a client who has called in for an appointment than it is to find a new one and therefore, if we can’t book a client during their preferred day/time slot, we don’t leave them with a flat-out “no” but work with the client to find another time that suits her schedule and ask for her permission to call back if a last minute opening becomes available. Similarly, when an agitated client calls up to inform that she is running late, our receptionists calm them down and let them know that it is all right. They work hard to accommodate them or reschedule them, showing that you care and thus, not bully them into next available salon!

Most importantly, our receptionists are trained to manage your appointment book efficiently to ensure that appointments are booked back- to back and there is as little idle time as possible wasted in-between appointments.

Our team puts in an extra effort to make sure that they understand the strengths and weaknesses of different stylists, therapists and technicians and can recommend them to your clients accordingly. So, they know who to book your client with if she is looking to get a cut for her curly tresses or who to hook her up with if she wants to shake things up a bit with an edgy cut!

Cross Selling and Upselling

Our receptionists understand very well that for short term gain, pressurizing or deceptively convincing clients to book expensive services which do not address their needs or they may regret later is counter productive and can alienate your customers forever. Therefore, to cross sell or upsell, they offer your customers options that are in their best interests and hence make sense to them (e.g. suggesting a cut when someone calls about color). They do so in a helpful and educating manner encouraging your clients to return time after time for a blissful spa/salon experience!

Helping You Manage Multiple Marketing Promotions

As a Spa/Salon owner, you do understand that running and executing simultaneous multiple coupon promotions in alliance with channels like Groupon, LivingSocial, Gulit etc. and adapting your messaging accordingly is no piece of cake! It is easy to muddle up and get bewildered with different pricing structures and varied terms and conditions that apply to each of them. Our receptionists are accustomed to working in an environment where they are expected to remember and effortlessly handle concurrent marketing promotions being run in spas/salons. Moreover, they are adept at the art of communicating the associated policies to customers who call in to redeem the vouchers with requests that cannot be honored, without making them upset. They know how to ease the pain of denial politely and positively by suggesting alternative solutions so that you don’t lose that client- which sometimes even requires them to convince a voucher client to buy full price service instead!

Handling Client Grievances

When clients call in to show their displeasure with a service they experienced at your salon/spa, they are usually angry or even hysterical depending on how disastrous things went! How the person on your end of the phone handles the call can make all the difference between losing your client forever and winning her for life.

Our representatives have the right temperament and training required to diffuse the tension in such situations. They lend a patient ear to your clients’ complaints, understand the problem, apologize sincerely, offer to rectify the complaint as soon as possible following your salon/saps redo policy.

Reach Out and Re-connect with Your Clients

Sometimes great services or ambience is just not enough to make sure that your clients return after they have availed of your services once. Re-engaging them is essential to make sure that they are not lured by your competitors. Our representatives proactively make a follow up call after their visit to seek their feedback on their experience. Some will be happy and that’s a perfect opportunity for us to ask if they would like to schedule another appointment. Some may have a genuine grouse while others will be generally nitpicky. Either way, our reps do whatever it takes to appease any ruffled feathers and pull out all the stops to ensure that your client comes back again and again! Similarly, we call the customers who have been missing from your roster for a while and check if they would like to set up an appointment. If need be, we offer them an incentive to come back.

Provide Necessary information

Whether clients are wondering about the rates or specials you are running, or want details on the products you use or the services you offer, our representatives are always be prepared to accurately answer any enquiries (using the information and protocols outlined by your business) that come their way and provide informed assistance to your esteemed clients. They also proactively brief your clients on your spa/salon cancellation/rebooking policy while scheduling an appointment to avoid any contention later on. Needless to say, there will always be questions that our receptionists can’t answer but what is important is that your clients don’t get an impression that they are not talking to someone from your spa/salon. Our receptionists are trained to deftly and smoothly field questions they don’t have answer for and offer to arrange a call back to make sure your clients’ questions get answered satisfactorily.

The Benefits to You

When you are not spending your time on booking and rebooking appointments, you will have more time to concentrate on things you love- giving a fabulous Spa/Salon experience!

  • Create a Professional Image: When you talk to your customers on the phone sounding pre-occupied or in a hurry to hang up, you are leaving an awful impression about your salon/spa. Our friendly and efficient receptionists help you create that organized businesslike aura that is essential to attract and inspire confidence in your clients.
  • Increase Efficiency of Your Staff: What is the point of hiring great and expensive staff if they are going to be glued to the phone answering calls, many of which are mundane enquiries. Also, the real time wasted is not the time it takes to answer on the call but the time it takes to get back in the swing of work once your momentum is interrupted. Our receptionists help you stop this serious drain on the productivity of your staff so that they can focus on what they are hired for- to help you grow.
  • Create Inviting Experience & Build Rapport with Clients: When you don’t have to constantly leave a conversation or make yourself unavailable to answer calls, you will ample time to develop personal relations with your clients that turn walk-ins into loyals and create that serene ambience and therapeutic experience that your clients deserve from their spa/salon trip to de-stress themselves from their everyday hectic lives.
  • Incremental Revenue at Minimal Expense: With our fully managed service solution, we book more appointments and generate additional revenue for you without you having to incur the overheads of hiring, training or dealing with hassles of maintaining the staff, equipment or additional space internally. The best part is that our receptionists are experienced professionals in your line of business and hence, are ready to hit the ground running with minimal guidance when they come on board of your project.

Our Advantage

Partnering with us is like adding an extension to your team. We may be offshore but are completely hands on!

Tailored for Your Industry

We have experience in servicing clients from spa/salon industry and can easily customize our services to meet your specific requirements. We carefully select people who possess excellent customer service aptitude and strong interpersonal skills to be a part of our salon/spa receptionists’ team. They are all professionally trained on the services offered by a spa/salon (so they know a Balayage from an Ombre!) and can hence intelligently answer all such pertinent queries and can very well anticipate the needs and expectations of your clients. Our immersive approach to training enables them to interact with your clients confidently and convincingly without depending on a scripted dialogue.

Need Based Resource Allocation

From our experience we have observed that incoming call flow is usually not equally distributed through the day in a spa/salon. There are hours when there is a sudden spike followed by lull periods. Having fewer people on call would mean that you would abandon calls, many of which could translate in to appointments. Having more staff would mean that they would be sitting idle, merely keeping their seats warm during lean hours, which is expensive and inefficient. We offer you the option of flexible staffing precisely to address these fluctuating needs from hour to hour or day to day. We work with you to analyze the patterns in ebbs and flows of your calls and make sure that you have just the right number of staff available to take calls during each interval of the day to meet established service levels in the most cost effective way possible.

Speak Your Brand

We carefully study and train our receptionists on your company culture so that they get sense of belonging and think of themselves as working for you. They convey your exclusivity so professionally and communicate your brand so confidently that your clients never question where your services end and ours begin!

Round the Clock Support

With 24x7 availability, our receptionists are always there to warmly greet your clients and facilitate reliable and friendly communication between you and your clients, creating a positive impression about your spa/salon and earning your customers’ patronage.