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Outsourced Live Chat Support 

Real Time Online Conversations to engage your customers and instantly respond to their queries with personalized assistance

Using Live Chat technology, we provide your website visitors with a comfortable conversation platform where they can speak with our outsourced live chat agents to get instant help right on your website. Your visitors are clearly more happy as they do not have to dial your helpline number, go through the IVR menu and wait in a long queue to speak with a live human being. For your business, it translates into much lower customer service cost as a live chat costs nearly about half of a customer service call.

Personalized Assistance
With our outsourced Live Chat Support, our skilled live chat customer care and sales specialists are always available to meet and greet your customers when they visit your website and assist them through their entire stay, replicating the in-store experience. Our Live chat Agents function as a helpline to do away with any confusion the buyer might encounter about the product you are selling and a complaint department customers turn to with questions and problems. Our live chat agents expertly utilize access to real-time customer history and other key data like web visitor activity and behavior patterns to better understand the customer requirement. Increased customer interaction translates into improved customer satisfaction and generates incremental revenue per customer. Our outsourced live chat customer care and sales solutions are comprehensive offerings that includes CRM implementation, live chat operators recruitment and training, offshore operations, reporting and analytics.
Proactively reach out to the customers
Our Live Chat Agents utilize proactive chat capabilities to reach out to 'fence sitters', website visitors who are more likely to buy if you interact with them. For instance, if a visitor has been on product detail page for 30-40 seconds- our live chat agents send the message- "Hi! May I answer any questions regarding this product?" or if the product search results return zero results or if the visitor does not click on any of the search results, which indicates that the visitor may not be satisfied with the search results, we can initiate chat asking "Hi! May I offer you any assistance with your search?'' Our live chat sales specialists reduce shopping cart abandonment by talking to the hesitant shoppers who have added products to shopping cart but are not proceeding to check out and assist them complete the purchase. Similarly, they act as check out attendants and rescue your website shoppers from check out errors. If a shopper has been on the check out page for 80-90 seconds, we send an invite asking "May I help you with the checkout?", and thus saving a sale before it is abandoned. The proactive chat window automatically disappears if there is no response from the shopper within 30seconds. Our proactive live chat invite allows your shoppers to know that the prompt help is available right on your website, without being intrusive.
Be right there when they need help
We also offer reactive outsourced live chat support which means customers click on chat button when they need help. Our Live Chat Agents provide your customers with a comfortable uninterrupted access to real time assistance right on your website. Showing them that quality help is just a click away instills confidence in indecisive first-time customers and bolsters the trust of your old customers. With us you can retain those thousands of customers who abandon your site due to unavailability of instant help.
One  Live Chat Specialist is capable of handling multiple chat conversations comfortably which means quick responses for more website visitors without annoying wait in the queue and thus less visitors abandoning your website in absence of prompt help. So, you Save Money and Earn Greater ROI with our Outsourced Live Chat Customer Care and Sales Solutions.
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