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Facilitate Check Out Process to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
With our outsourced Live Chat Support, our skilled live chat customer care and sales specialists are always available to meet and greet your customers when they visit your website and assist them through their entire stay, replicating the in-store experience. Our live chat agents function as a helpline to do away with any confusion the buyer might encounter about the product you are selling and a complaint department customers turn to with questions and problems. Our live chat customers service specialists expertly utilize access to real-time customer history and other key data like web visitor activity and behavior patterns to better understand the customer requirement. Increased customer interaction translates into improved customer satisfaction and generates incremental revenue per customer. Our outsourced live chat customer service is a comprehensive offering that includes CRM implementation, live chat operators recruitment and training, offshore operations, reporting and analytics.
Generate Leads at Low Cost
Website visitors do not always leave their contact information for you to follow up, rendering your marketing efforts futile. A comprehensive database furnished with valuable and relevant information from site visitors is essential to drive sales or to run a successful marketing campaign. Convincing customers to share their personal information and contact details is not always easy which our live chat lead generation specialists accomplish proficiently. They engage your website visitors in a live personalized chat, explain them the benefits of sharing personal information and also assuage their concerns about data privacy and security. Thus we help you dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring info for qualified leads and expand your database of potential customers.
Retain Your Customers
E-commerce websites that sell subscription based services face the challenge of retaining those thousands of customers who cancel their subscription either after availing the free trail period or using the service for a short while. Our live chat Retention Specialists are especially trained in customer loyalty and retention strategies. They initiate a real time dialogue with your customers who come to terminate their subscription on your website and find out why they want to cancel. Based on that they offer incentives and creatively use their persuasive skills to ensure that you do not lose your customers.

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