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Best in Class Infrastructure

LiveSalesman boasts state of the art infrastructure at its facilities in India, Philippines and around the world.
IT Infrastructure
  • Our servers are hosted at very reliable data centers across the world.
  • Our local IT infrastructure in offices is protected by state of the art firewalls. All our routers, work stations and servers are regularly maintained and replaced with the latest technology.
Building and Facilities
  • Our Buildings are self-owned with 'A' class construction.
  • Our offices are guarded 24x7 by uniformed security guards.
  • Access to our offices are restricted at all times by multiple levels of security including physical check by security guards and automated access control systems.
  • The call center floors are secured zones which does not allow use or access to mobile phones, cameras, USB drives and other media and writing equipment. These policies are enforced physically.
  • Other than main power line, we have 2 standby diesel powered electricity generators for back up. We store enough Diesel fuel for back up to power our offices for more than a week in an eventuality of power cut.

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