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Dramatically enhance your Website Sales by adding our Live Chat Sales Experts

Our dedicated and passionate Sales Experts replicate the in-store experience for your customers on your website. Persoanlized one on one interaction with a sales rep instills confidence in your indecisive first time customers and bolsters the trust of your old customers by showing them that the quality help is just a click away!

A great website by itself can’t generate Sales!
In a world of instant gratification and where an alternative website is just a mouse click away, E-commerce Businesses are strugging firstly to capture the attention of a user, which is accomlished by a great website and marketing, and then to keep it long enough to get their message across and respond to their queries. If they don't, the user's cursor will be heading to the back button and on to a competitor in the blink of an eye. Self-service FAQ databases and a toll free number sufficed in the past, but to meet the current demands of modern ‘impatient’ consumer, you need a tool that is ‘instant’. Our Live Chat Sales Agents offer a comfortable conversation platform with which to enagage your customers and provide them personalized assistance in real time while they are still shopping on your wbesite. Live Chat Sales Support is integral to any modern E-commerce Business’s Sales stratgey. Adding Live Chat Sales Agents to website has not only been proven to deliver increased sales, higher conversion rate, greater ROI and AOV, reduced shopping cart abandonment, higher customer satisfaction, it is also a more cost effective and efficient means for businesses to serve their customers.
We don't sell, we make relationships to drive repeat business for you
We understand Sales is an art. Therefore our focus is way beoynd making that one-time transaction. Our goal is to deliver a buying experience that brings back your customers and drives repeat business.

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