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Your Customers’ word means the World to us!

For us Customer Service is much more than just answering customers’ questions and resolving their problems. Customer Service is the lifeblood of any brand which can make or break a brand. We believe in delivering superior customer service experience that distinguishes and puts your brand a notch above your competitors in the mind of your customers. Product lines may be similar and price advantages are diffcult to maintain over time, however outstanding customer service can be a sustainable competitive advantage which can set your brand apart and we will help you achieve that.

Satisfied Customers > Loyal Customers > Brand Advocates
A good or bad customer service experience directly impacts the perception customer has of your brand. In this age of social media where people are highly interconnected and openly sharing their experiences on facebook, twitter or blogs, it can influence the opinion of the other people as well, some of who may be your existing or potential customers, more than ever before. We aim to move your customers from satisfied to loyal to being advocates of your brands because it is the reviews and recommendations of the existing customers that the potential customers trust the most. That’s why, we take each and every customer service interaction very seriously and ensure that the customer walks away content and with a positive impression of your brand.
Making Your Customers feel like a ‘King’
Satisfied customers automatically translate into top of the mind recall, increased share of wallet and repeat business for your brand. So whether, it is before, during or after the sale, we never forget that our ultimate goal is to provide outstanding customer experiences. Whether we’re answering a product question, taking an order, processing an exchange/return, or solving a problem of any kind, we always ensure that that it is done courteosly and that your customers feel important, respected, well attended and cared for. Our Customer care specialists are encouraged to take initiative and to go an extra mile to ensure that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of your customers.
Right Face to Represent Your Brand
While head hunting for your customer service team, we look for harmony between your brand personality and that of the people who will be representing your brand to your customers. An agent may be better suited than others to be the face of your brand and we focus on getting the right people to represent the right brand, in the right way. Our agents do not rely on the scripts. They focus on understanding your customer’s problem and find a solution that will address it rather than rattling off irrelevant parroted answers. Our agents engross themselves in your brand and gain hands-on knowledge by using your products so that they can speak from experience when interacting with your customers. Our on-site training facilities, dedicated trainers, and customized training programs prepare our agents in a way that they strongly identify with your company and products. In fact, they think of themselves as working for you and always respond to customer queries just the way you would have, meeting the customer satisfaction metrics you specify.
E-Commerce Customer Care through Live Chat
Retaining your existing customers is no less a challenging feat than attracting the new ones. Modern Day customers are especially hard to please and have high expectations and demands the best service from their brands. E-commerce businesses are specially feeling the pinch and need to be much more aggressive in retaining their customers because their customers have easy access to their competitors online. Also, as customers migrate their inquiries and purchases from traditional stores to online channels, companies must adopt multichannel customer care strategy. While Self-service FAQ databases and a toll free number were sufficient in the past, to meet the current demands of consumers, live chat based customer service must be integrated into a company's overall customer care strategy. Deploying our outsourced Live Chat Customer Care Agents on your website will allow you to establish a transparent and consistent communication channel with your customers and you will gain opportunities to build relationships and increase brand loyalty. By anticipating your customers’ needs and providing them uninterrupted 24x7 access to real time personalized help at the click of a mouse, our Live Chat Customer Care Agents will increase customers’ confidence in your products and services.

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